Sustainable Transportation Abroad

Adam Borsch, an SLS Global Student Ambassador, shares moments from his experience in the Netherlands with the Sustainable Transportation Abroad program. Each year, Dr. Kari Watkins teaches a course and takes students on a week long trip to the Netherlands to learn about sustainable transportation. During their week abroad, students bike across the country, experiencing the Dutch transportation system. 

SLS Internship Program

The Serve-Learn-Sustain Internship Program’s inaugural summer is well underway!

Bridging Equity and Sustainability: Living Building Equity Champions

Read about the launch of Georgia Tech's Living Building Equity Champions initiative and the Kendeda Building's efforts to connect the campus and greater Atlanta community with equity-centered sustainability programs.


The Value of Green Building and Its Spillover Effects

The Georgia Institute of Technology has begun construction on one of the first “Living Buildings” in the Southeast that seeks to transform the local building and construction industry. Living Buildings (similar to other green building programs) achieve certification by accruing credits across a number of criteria. Living Buildings must produce more energy than they use, treat all water on-site, and be regenerative spaces that connect occupants to light, air, food, nature, and community.

Women in Green Luncheon

It is not difficult for me to find myself represented in most rooms. I can look toward female leaders and see someone who looks like me. Yet, walking into the Women in Green Luncheon, hosted by USGBC, I saw me. I was greeted by a room full of passionate women, many with similar untamed and curly hair, make-up free faces, and vaguely professional, neutral clothing that borders office attire and outdoor comfort.

SLS Spring Student Showcase Recap

Supporting GT’s already strong tradition of providing students with opportunities to present and discuss their research with their peers, SLS’s Student  Showcase gathers students from across all six colleges. Students passionate about building sustainable communities present their research, which engages with the Sustainable Development Goals in their own unique way. The excellence of student research and the diverse set of approaches to sustainability made it very challenging to select winners.

Where Are We Going?

            This spring, I was generously sponsored by Serve-Learn-Sustain to attend the second annual Aglanta conference. The event was a joint effort by Agritecture Consulting, the Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Resilience, and Southern Company, bringing together stakeholders in government, industry, and non-profits to discuss the future of urban agriculture in smart cities. The conference focused on seven intersections of agriculture with smart cities: resource management, operations, finance, education, distribution, retail, and urban development.

Lessons from the Land of Fire and Ice

Iceland is a magical place. A land filled with contrasts and extremes. A land filled with volcanos, and at the same time covered in glaciers. A land of people who believe in mythical creatures like trolls, ogres, and elves, and all the while possess an incredibly adept knowledge of the inner workings of their energy supply. A land with only 350,000 inhabitants, and a virtually unlimited supply of energy.

Southern Highlands of Iceland

Citizen Scientists Gathering Information to Inform Policy Decisions in West Atlanta

The Saporta Report, an online news site dedicated to civic and business issues in Atlanta and beyond, recently published a guest column co-authored by SLS-affiliated instructor Emily Weigel, SLS partner Na'Taki Osborne Jelks, and SLS Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist Ruthie Yow.  The column focuses on citizen science initiatives with Georgia Tech students and community organizations and residents on Atlanta's Westside.&nbsp