Georgia Tech Library Sponsors Upcoming SDG Event and Announces Sustainability Research Resources

Are you working on a Sustainability Project? Do you need to find information? The Georgia Tech Library is here to help! Georgia Tech Librarians are here to support the research of the GT community.

Sustainability and Equity: A Conversation with Alex Ip

SLS strives to support students in connecting sustainability and equity, and seeing them as inextricable in the partnerships we forge, research we conduct, and learning we embark on together.

Serve-Learn-Sustain, CTL and RCE Greater Atlanta Partners Lead Initiative to Support Curricular Integration of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SLS is excited to share that we have expanded our work with Georgia Tech faculty to integrate community sustainability and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into courses and course modules. We are leading a collaborative initiative to expand SDG teaching tools and training opportunities throughout the RCE Greater Atlanta area—and beyond!

Going Global: A Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Curriculum Design Workshop

Winners!! Results of the SLS Faculty Sustainable Communities Teaching Awards, 2021: People’s Choice Selection

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in the 2021 SLS teaching award selection by reading through the entries and voting!

We invited faculty who have been teaching SLS-affiliated courses during the pandemic to submit short write-ups describing how they successfully pivoted their courses in the context of COVID-19.  We received eleven entries across four colleges that described challenges, joys, and victories experienced while incorporating sustainability and/or community engagement into teaching amidst the challenges of the pandemic.  

How is the coronavirus pandemic affecting climate change?

We’re traveling less and staying at home more. Is it helping or hurting the environment? This past fall, MPR News host Angela Davis spoke with Dr. Kim Cobb, Georgia Tech professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and Paul Huttner, MPR's chief meterologist, on how the pandemic is affecting climate change.  Listen to that interview HERE.

Teaching Climate Change Humor during the Pandemic

The biggest concern I had in 2019 when planning my SLS English 1101 class—"This is fine: Humor, Media, and Climate Change”—was climate change. I hardly expected the focus on humor would also serve to help my students and I weather one of the worst pandemics in recent memory. But the class’s emphasis on humor as a persuasive tool gave us another way to think through the pandemic and its parallels to climate change, especially as we discussed environmental justice.     

SLS Faculty Sustainable Communities Teaching Awards, 2021: People’s Choice Selection

Teaching over the past several semesters has looked very different than in years past. Faculty at Georgia Tech and around the world have invested enormous energy and endless hours in reshaping courses, pedagogy, and community engagement to support student learning safely during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, at SLS we felt it appropriate to do some re-designing ourselves with respect to this year’s teaching awards.

Semester in the City: Better Engineering, and Everything Else, Through Listening

History and Sociology Assistant Professor Todd Michney reflects on his SLS affiliated Fall 2020 Semester in the City course, focused on helping students understand the experiences of residents in the Westside Atlanta communities that border the Georgia Tech campus.  Although students in the course, which has been taught for over 10 years, would normally do in-person field work with residents in these communities, Dr.

SLS Signature Partner: Center for Civic Innovation

SLS is excited to announce a new partnership category, Signature Partners, and the first SLS Signature Partner organization: Center for Civic Innovation (CCI). During Spring semester 2020, SLS staff worked with the SLS Partnership Advisory Council (PAC) to expand and revise the SLS Partnership Strategy.