Go Big or Go Home: Serving as a Sustainability Ambassador at a Fortune 500 Company

Check out this week's blog post "Go Big or Go Home: Serving as a Sustainability Ambassador at a Fortune 500 Company" written by Will Courrèges-Clercq, a Business Administration student at Georgia Tech. He shares about his sustainability journey at Tech and in particular his participation and success in the Summer 2017 Co-op and Internship Carbon Reduction Challenge.

United Nations University Names New Regional Centre of Expertise in Atlanta

RCE Greater Atlanta was acknowledged by the United Nations University on February 1, 2018 as a new regional sustainability network. RCEs are Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development. The designation makes Atlanta one of only six Regional Centres of Expertise in the U.S. Read the press release here!


Why Universal Health Coverage Day is a Call to Action for the World’s Youth

Read Arush Lal's article "Why Universal Health Coverage Day is a Call to Action for the World’s Youth"!

Voices Rising: Translating Methods to Teach Atlanta

Check out the article "Voices Rising: Translating Methods to Teach Atlanta" on Atlanta Studies written by Ruth Yow, Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist, and Sarah O'Brien, Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech from 2014 - 2017.

How can I work with communities toward a sustainable future? What does happiness look like in a sustainable community?

Ramsey Cook, a student in last semester's GT1000 discusses how people can work with communities toward a sustainable future and what exactly happiness looks like in a sustainable community?

SLS Student Showcase Recap

This past November, more than fifty presenters from all six colleges awed the judges at the first semiannual SLS Student Showcase. The competing projects engaged with the Sustainable Development Goals and with the SLS theme of creating sustainable communities.  It was a delight—and a challenge—to judge the entries.  The three showcase winners embraced very different problems and approached them in diverse, creative ways - read about them here!

Student Perspective on River Rendezvous

Last semester Ayanna Jones participated in the SLS co-sponsored event River Rendezvous where she had the opportunity to volunteer with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance and the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper to take river samples of Proctor, Utoy, and Sandy Creek water.

SLS Announces Recipients of Fall Funding Call and Launches Level 1 Affiliates Program

Here at SLS we saw a deluge of terrific applications for our Fall Funding Call for course development on the theme of “creating sustainable communities.” We are excited to announce that we gave out 35 awards, totaling $81,800, to faculty and instructors representing all 6 colleges and 13 schools.

Smart cities for whom? Leveraging technology for an inclusive and just Atlanta

Check out this article on "Smart cities for whom? Leveraging technology for an inclusive and just Atlanta" in the Saporta Report, a result of collaboration between SLS and three of our Smart Cities Fellows: Alex Karner, Associate Professor - College of Design; Robert Rosenberger, Associate Professor - Ivan Allen College; and Jesse Woo, Research Associate - College of Business.

RCE Youth Network Presenters Reflect on Why They Do What They Do

On September 15th, six students representing four Georgia universities presented the sustainability-themed work they have undertaken as members of the ATL UNU RCE Youth Network.  A United Nations University Regional Center of Expertise is a network of institutions and leaders from across higher education, business, and nonprofit sectors who work together to  implement the  UN Sustainable Development Goals at the regional and local level. With six RCEs in the U.S. and 156 around the world, there are many benefits to supporting collaboration at home, as part of a global movement.  The ATL UNU RCE will become an official member of the  global RCE network in early 2018, but the students of the Youth Network are already in motion.  Here they reflect on why, despite the demands of courses and work, they put time, energy, and passion into the ATL RCE.