Teaching Resources for Affiliated Faculty

Thank you for affiliating your course with SLS! Affiliation comes with a variety of benefits and some commitments (see our Affiliation page). Here are resources to help you and your students take advantage of all that SLS has to offer:

  1. Put SLS on your Syllabus
  2. Introduce the course to your students as SLS-affiliated
  3. Encourage students to attend a "What is SLS" Info session or Invite SLS to speak
  4. Promote SLS opportunities
  5. Take advantage of SLS teaching resources
  6. Assist with Assessment
  7. Fund Use and Transfer
  8. Contact SLS staff for assistance

1.  Put SLS on your Syllabus 

‚ÄčInsert a short section about SLS affiliation with:


2. Introduce your course as SLS-affiliated


3.  Encourage students to attend a "What is SLS" Info Session or Invite SLS to speak

Please strongly encourage your students to attend one of the "What is SLS?" information sessions in Clough Lounge. The Spring 2018 sessions will be held on: Tuesday, Jan. 23, from 11-12, Tuesday, Jan. 30, from 5-6 and Thursday, Feb. 1, from 11-12. Alternately, invite an SLS staff or student speaker to present in your class. To arrange a visit, please contact Ruthie Yow. Please email your requests with as much advance notice as possible

  • We can speak from 10 minutes to a full class; we can even plan and teach a unit with you
  • SLS student representatives can talk about SLS opportunities and share their experiences
  • SLS faculty and staff can present on topics such as, "What is a sustainable community?" and "What does sustainability have to do with equity?"
  • Student photographers can document special activities (we need photos and videos and will share them with you!)  PLEASE NOTE:  All students and/or partners that will be photographed need to be provided with notification ahead of time AND MUST sign the Georgia Tech Group Image License and Release Form photo waiver.


4.  Promote SLS Opportunities

Encourage your students to:

  • Explore other SLS courses
  • Take advantage of exclusive opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who are part of SLS affiliated courses - advertised in our weekly SLS newsletter


5.  Take advantage of SLS Teaching Resources

  • SLS Teaching Toolkit
    • Lesson-planning resources to help instructors integrate sustainability, community engagement, and service-learning into their courses
  • SLS Events and Workshops (see current schedule)
    • Co-curricular talks and activities every semester, around a yearly theme - and more
    • Think of SLS as your interdisciplinary teaching partner and use our events to enhance your courses.  They provide a great opportunity for students to think more broadly about how classroom lessons connect to broader sustainable communities issues
    • Encourage students to attend by offering extra credit or tying events to course assignments
  • SLS also offers an annual Course Design Workshop as well as fellows programs and grants to assist with course development
  • Partner connections:
    • We can help you find partners!
    • From community, non-profit, industry, government, and education sectors
    • For guest lectures, site visits, assignments, projects, research partners, etc.
    • Contact Ruthie Yow for assistance


6.  Assist with Assessment

Read about Assessment commitment, benefits, and opportunities on our Assessment Page


7.  Fund Use and Transfer

SLS funds awarded to faculty and staff are transferred from SLS to the Financial Analyst in their unit in the monthly Budget Adjustment (BA) that occurs at the end of each month.  They are generally state funds and MUST be spent prior to the end of the fiscal year.  Faculty and staff should consult with their analyst to confirm receipt of funds and to receive additional unit specific guidelines on how the funds can be used and by what date.  Please note: each unit has a specific financial analyst who handles funding transfers.  This may NOT be the person that you go to individually for budget spending and reimbursement processing.  SLS can provide you with the information about who receives the funding transfers in your unit.

State funds from SLS can be used in many ways.  Examples include: discretionary funding related to course development, contribution to summer salary, compensation for a GRA, and payment to a community partner collaborating on your course.  As state funds, they CANNOT be used for food. Consult with your unit's Financial Analyst to determine additional guidelines or restrictions, as well as the process for accessing your funds once they are transferred to your unit.

Questions?  Contact Kristina Chatfield, Program & Operations Manager


8. Questions?  Want Assistance?  

Contact SLS staff at any time:

Dr. Ruth Yow, Service Learning & Partnerships Specialist (oversees the SLS Course Affiliation Program)

Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, Director

Kristina Chatfield, Program & Operations Manager

Catherine Muse, Community Engagement Specialist

David Eady, Industry Engagement Manager

Jamie White-Jones, Admin Professional Sr.

For general inquiries, email SLS