Study Abroad Programs

SLS offers five Signature Study Abroad Programs as well as five additional study abroad programs that are affiliated with us.  Please read more below about these programs, as well as our Global Student Ambassador Program.

Signature Study Abroad Programs

SLS Signature Study Abroad programs are those most deeply aligned with SLS's mission and its integrated approach to sustainability--embracing economic, environmental, social, and cultural aspects of creating sustainable communities.  The programs reflect one or more of the following SLS priorities: 

  • particularly strong partnerships or community engagement components
  • multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability in cross-cultural perspective
  • experiential learning around SLS's Priority Issues, such as Climate Change or Equitable & Sustainable Development 

These Signature Study Abroad programs are Leadership for Social Good: Central and Eastern Europe; Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain; Japan Summer Program in Sustainable Development; Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Italy; and Sustainable Transportation Abroad: the Netherlands.  All five Signature Study Abroad Programs offer students crucial course work and immersion experiences equipping them to pursue cross-cultural learning and collaboration in engaging the broad sustainability challenges of our moment. 

Additional Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

In addition to our Signature Study Abroad Programs, Serve-Learn-Sustain is also affiliated with these Georgia Tech Study Abroad programs.  These programs provide students with  opportunities to learn cross-cultural perspectives on sustainable communities.

SLS Global Student Ambassador Program

Through both our signature and affiliated study abroad programs, SLS offers selected students the opportunity to serve as Global Student Ambassadors.  Ambassadors have opportunities to meet each other and learn cross-cultural perspectives on sustainable communities and share their experiences with other students, while they’re abroad through social media and when they return. Ambassadors also receive funding from Serve-Learn-Sustain to assist with study abroad program costs.

Click on the links below to see information about the program.  Then check out each program link above and read about our Global Student Ambassadors' perspectives on building sustainable communities abroad. Interested in becoming an SLS Global Student Ambassador?  Download full program details below.