Christophe Ippolito
Stephanie Boulard
Tatiana Kozhanova
FREN 3500
Fall 2022
Fall 2021
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Spring 2019

NOTE: This course is taught at Georgia Tech Lorraine (GTL) in Metz, France.

In this program with an emphasis on French for the Professions, French for the Sciences, and Sustainability, students will experience real language immersion while focusing on Metz’s remarkable sustainability efforts through coursework, service-learning projects, and excursions. Metz is known in France for its Agenda 21, with 4 priorities: fight against climate change, preservation of natural resources, social and environmental economy, and an improved living environment. Local projects will potentially focus on themes of smart cities, architecture, ways of life, nature preservation, waste management, public transportation, and historical/monument preservation, and include interaction with partners such as local schools (high schools, thru the Regional Education office and other means, as well as the university in Metz), non-profits (associations for sustainable communities: for seniors, young people, ecology), and NGOs (associations for immigrants, refugees, low-income people), and businesses.

Students participating in the new Georgia Tech-Lorraine’s “French, Sciences, Sustainability” Program, must take at least 4 courses, to include a minimum of one French course from two levels—intermediate or advanced French, out of 8 courses offered in French (including FREN 3011) . They will live in a French-speaking dorm and receive free tutoring.

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