Britta Kallin
GRMN 3696
Summer 2021
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This study abroad LBAT (Language for Business and Technology) program includes two courses.  One of these, "Current Issues: Sustainability in Germany," is affiliated with SLS.  In the course, students will learn about the complexities of sustainability and the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental sustainability, ranging from agriculture, urban planning, access to local foods, energy efficiency, transportation, education to community service and involvement in local politics and local efforts in grassroots organizations and NGOs in and around the cities Hamburg, Husum, and Weimar in Germany. The class will be taught in German as part of the study-abroad LBAT (Language for Business and Technology) program. ​

Read our SLS Global Student Ambassador Blog Posts from Summer 2017Summer 2018 , and Summer 2019 for a student perspective on sustainable communities in Germany.

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