Sustainability in Germany

We are pleased to provide you with the second in a series of blog posts from our 2017 SLS Global Student Ambassadors.  This week, we highlight the Language for Business and Technology (LBAT): Germany program, which takes students throughout Germany and explores regional perspectives in lifestyles, history, and traditions, as well as from an industrial point of view.  Our Global Student Ambassadors in this program, Gabby Oliverio and Deanna Lalo, have been writing a blog about their experiences, highlighting various sustainability related issues they have studied, including refugees in Germanytransportationtrash and recycling, and historic preservation.  Continue to follow as they add more posts!

This spring, SLS launched its Global Student Ambassador Program, partnering with six Summer 2017 Study Abroad programs at Georgia Tech: France LBATGermany LBATSpain LBATLeadership for Social Good (Eastern Europe)Design Develop Build Program (Ghana), Japan Summer Program in Sustainable Development, and Sustainable Transportation Abroad (Netherlands).  The Global Student Ambassador Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to meet each other and learn cross cultural perspectives on sustainable communities and share their experiences with other students.