Our Approach to Partnerships:

SLS is an experiential learning program, and partnerships are key to all of our work.  SLS collaborates with diverse partners - from communities, nonprofits, government, academia, and business - on key sustainability challenges.  We focus especially on building long-term relationships with partners in Atlanta and Georgia.  We also collaborate with other units on-campus working to create a sustainable Georgia Tech.  We focus especially on implementing the U.N. Sustainable Development goals here at home, through projects advancing four priority issues: Community Health, Equitable & Sustainable Development, Green Infrastructure, and Climate Change & Energy.  Through our partnerships, GT students learn to use the knowledge and skills they are acquiring at GT to help "create sustainable communities."

Read our SLS Partnership Strategy here.


Our Partners:

We have too many partners to list all of them - but here is a list of some of the partners we work with most, through our Partnership Advisory Council,  Signature Programs, course partnerships, and ongoing projects.


AY 2019-2020 Partnership Advisory Council (missing: Jennifer Leavey, Bob Myers, Dori Pap, Na'Taki Osborne Jelks, Jon West)











AY2019-2020 Partnerships Advisory Council (missing: Jennifer Leavey, Bob Myers, Dori Pap, Na'Tak Osborne Jelks, Jon West)


How We Collaborate:

We collaborate with partners through:

  1. Service Learning & Community Engagement (SLCE) in programs and courses

  2. SLS Events & Workshops Series

  3. Collaborative Research Projects​

  4. RCE Greater Atlanta, affiliated with the  United Nations University - our regional sustainability network advancing education around the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Read examples of some of our collaborations below.


Contact Us:

We are always interested in new partnerships!  Please get in touch.


SLS Collaborations - A Sampler

Click on the images below to read about some of our collaborations to date.