Interested in the Sustainable Communities Summer Internship?  Read about our inaugural Summer 2018 program on our blog, as well as a reflection from a 2018 intern on his experience.  Read about the Summer 2019 program, and see below for information on our previous summers' interns and hosts and a comprehensive list of partners and past projects, as well as 2024 program and application informationNOTE: Public Policy students have the option of using the Sustainable Communities Summer Internship to fulfill the internship requirement for that major - following appropriate approval steps.  Sustainable Cities Minor students also have the option of using the Sustainable Communities Summer Internship to fulfill an elective course requirement for the minor.

Internship Program Overview

SCoRE seeks to provide our partners with support and resources, while providing our students with practical experience in supporting solutions for sustainable communities. The Sustainable Communities Internship program is offered every summer and is an opportunity for students looking to gain real-world experience related to sustainability and community engagement.   Summer interns will earn internship course audit credit., and can choose between a part-time (15-20 hours per week) or full-time (30-40 hours per week) internship.  The Sustainable Communities Summer Internship Program is a 12-week program (mid-May to mid-August).

This internship program is a partnership between the Center for Sustainable Communities Research and Education (SCoRE), the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE), the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute, Sustainability Next, and Georgia Tech Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Innovating for Social Impact

Students participating in the Sustainable Communities Internship program must participate in the SCoRE internship seminar that meets one evening each week for one hour. The seminar introduces students to theories of grassroots sustainability innovation, and provides students with an opportunity to reflect on their internship experiences.


Summer Interns will receive a stipend of $3500 for a part-time internship and $7000 for a full-time internship.  Internships also provide course audit credit for our students, via internship registration in Career Buzz, through our partnership with the Career Center.

Student Requirements

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be enrolled full-time at Georgia Tech

  • Be in good academic standing

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above

  • Have reliable transportation to and from internship site (MARTA is recommended)

  • Write one Reflection to be posted on the SLS Reflection blog

Internship Host Requirements

  • Submit a project request (see Internship Project Submission below)
  • Set internship goals with the intern
  • Actively supervise the intern on a daily basis
  • Attend the opening and closing intern summer seminar sessions (early May and early August)
  • Complete the Georgia Tech evaluation requirements for the student intern


Please explore the tabs below to learn more about the Sustainable Communities Internship Program.   For more information, please contact SCoRE.

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