From 2019 to 2021, SLS interns aided in the creation of the Coffee County Memory Project’s award-winning oral history documentary project focusing on the desegregation of the schools of Coffee County, Georgia.

Kara Vaughn Adams ’21, Brice Minix ’22, Nabil Patel ’22, Bennett Bush ’23, and Samina Patel ’24 conducted and transcribed oral history interviews, gathered material by searching through back issues of local newspapers, digitized artifacts, implemented graphic designs, and worked to configure and upload digital material used in the project’s exhibitions.

All were graduates of Coffee High School. As they worked on the project, they learned the history of their school and community. Their reactions to this information aided project… more

On Friday, May 19, I attended the Challenger-Healer-Creator (CHC) workshop with some fellow SLS interns. The workshop was held at Trees Atlanta, a nonprofit working to improve Atlanta’s urban forest through conservation and education initiatives, and was led by Afiya and Wekesa Madzimoyo, two storytellers and experts in facilitating authentic communication. This workshop gave some really interesting perspectives and ideas on oppression, especially about the language we use. For the Challenging Oppression section of CHC, Wekesa offered the term injected oppression instead of internalized oppression. Injected oppression provides less blame on the oppressed individual, making them the object, rather than the subject, and insinuating it is another actor who is injecting that oppression. Wekesa mentioned also that this way of thinking gives more room to heal from the wounds of injected oppression.

Another idea presented in the… more

Meg Sanders and Darryl Haddock
Photo Credit Ben Gray, AJC.

The Vice President for Interdisciplinary Research (VPIR) and the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) are excited to announce an institutionalization plan for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS) that will advance two of Georgia Tech’s… more

In a world grappling with climate change, it is crucial that the younger generations are educated on the processes that regulate and sustain life on Earth. During the third week of May, Center for Sustainable Communities in partnership with The Ray, Georgia Space Grant Consortium, conducted STEM outreach at both Montessori and Creekside School in middle Georgia, involving close to 300 students. The two days activities were facilitated by a representative of The Ray, two interns from Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC), alongside CSC founder Garry Harris.

student interns with middle school studentsWith the aid of interactive presentations and visually captivating materials, middle school students began to unravel the mysteries of… more

Frank Wickstead, an adjunct professor in the School of Building Construction and Managing Partner at Alair Buckhead Studios, has taught several SLS affiliated courses, often with an emphasis on connecting to communities where there are great strengths, and also dire needs. Most recently, he has partnered with the US Ukrainian Foundation and Uzhgorod National University and with Izmir Institute of Technology. Below, Frank offers us insight into this important partnership and the impact it has and will have on both the partner constituencies and the students. 

Would you describe the very partnerships you’ve created for your Residential Design Build students? more

Daraja Brown is a second-year Civil Engineering student with a Spanish minor from Charlotte, NC. She first connected with SLS through the Building for Equity and Sustainability VIP, within which she is a sub-team lead for the Ratings Systems sub-team and recently had the honor of receiving a VIP Mentor Award. Daraja is passionate about leveraging her engineering knowledge and career to advance equity in historically-marginalized communities, and looks forward to continuing to learn how to best do so!

When I first joined the Building for Equity and Sustainability VIP, I had no idea I would end up joining a team of incredible change makers from around the country who are all united by our shared passion for advancing equity through our infrastructure. In fact, I never even considered joining a research team before I learned about the VIP because I knew I’… more

Every year, the University System of Georgia (USG) Teaching and Learning Conference brings together educators and researchers from across Georgia to share their experiences and insights on innovative teaching methods that foster connections, strengthen learning, and create opportunities to support student success. This year, a group of students from the SLS-affiliated VIP course “Building for Equity and Sustainability” shared their perspectives on how the class’s innovative teaching methods can enhance students’ learning experience by helping them build community and fostering a sense of trust and belonging, which empowers them and lets them take control of their own learning .

The presentation explored how the VIP’s student-led team projects engaged and inspired students to develop meaningful connections with each other and with local communities. Lauren Riehm, an architecture student who has been in the VIP for two years, discussed… more

Earlier this spring semester, the Office of Civic Engagement hosted the 13th Annual MLK Day of Service event dedicated to celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Students and volunteers gathered bright and early at the Student Center to spend their “day off” giving back in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. As stated by Civic Engagement at Georgia Tech, they “offered the chance to make it a ‘day on, not a day off,’ partnering with Atlanta community organizations to connect, serve, and move us closer to Dr. King’s vision of a ‘Beloved Community.’” 

CSC Day of Service eventAs part of the… more

This post is a re-print of an article published by the Georgia Tech Office of Undergraduate Education.

Georgia Tech's Serve-Learn-Sustain recently hosted an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) session in Jackson, GA.

The session was part of a short course, titled "ABCD in Practice," aimed to introduce and review the basics of ABCD, which is an approach that focuses on working with communities based on their assets and strengths.

The course, led by two Serve-Learn-Sustain faculty members, Dr. Jennifer Hirsch, and Dr. Ruthie Yow, was open to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as community partners from outside Georgia Tech. 

In February, course participants visited the Henderson School, an all-Black school in Jackson, GA, that opened in 1955 and closed in 2010. The school is being restored and repurposed by the Henderson School Alumni Association Trust (HSAAT), which hopes to turn the building into a community and workforce… more

Georgia Tech student Alex Ip is a graduating Environmental Engineering major and Founder and Editor in Chief of The Xylom, a student-led nonprofit newsroom exploring the communities influencing and shaped by science.

Using skills he learned at Tech, including through SLS-affiliated courses and programs, he has been digging deep into the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center controversy, including how it influences and impacts both people and nature. Read his recent article on The Xylom’s website and learn about the site's mission at

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