Below, WAWA interns Roxanne Raven and Megan Jermak share the focus of their work at WAWA this summer. Janelle Wright, Climate and Equity Program Coordinator at WAWA supervised Megan and Roxanne’s work.

Roxanne Raven, City and Regional Planning, ’23, shares “I worked on forming and implementing WAWA’s community outreach plan regarding their new green infrastructure updates and getting a better sense of the community’s vision for their space and the Bush Mountain and Oakland City Neighborhoods. I also design a comprehensive maps for the areas WAWA stewards, including the trails of the Outdoor Activity Center and the Sandy, Proctor and Utoy Creek watersheds.

Megan Jermak, Civil and Environmental Engineering, ’25: This Summer I worked with the current cohort of the Atlanta Watershed Learning Network (AWLN). Noteworthily, I helped design and publish our summer newsletter. Additionally, I helped plan for the design and construction of outdoor classrooms by Georgia Tech VIP team: Building for Equity and Sustainability, which will take place this academic year. Other than that, I assisted in WAWA programming and outreach such as canvasing with Janelle and Roxanne.

Watch the brief, fun video below to step into a (mid-summer!) fireside chat with Megan, Roxanne, and Janelle about their work together advancing the environmental justice and education missions of the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.