Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson
Assistant Professor

Dr. Tiffany D. Johnson is passionate about work, equity, and community. Her research examines ways in which people create equitable workplaces by building and maintaining positive and functional relationships in the face of difference. Her work with real-world partners reflects her personal and professional passions – she not only integrates organizations that are trying to create more equitable communities into her classes and research projects, but in her personal time she seeks ways to provide support them as much as possible (by attending their programs/events and advising in a variety of ways).

Courses Taught

Spring 2022, Summer 2021
MGT 8803

In this course, students learn about and reflect on the historical and present-day intersections of work, racial equity, and wellness. Weekly class discussions are supported by readings, podcasts, and documentaries.

Spring 2021, Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017
MGT 3101

Organizational behavior (OB) is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand human behavior within organizations. It imports, integrates, and expands upon theory and research from areas such as psychology, sociology, economics, political science, anthropology, and communication.