SLS Welcomes Newest Staff Member!

Catherine Muse - Community Engagement Specialist
May 7, 2018

Catherine Muse is SLS’s new Community Engagement Specialist. In 2013, Catherine graduated from Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. In December 2015, she completed her Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.

I was born and raised in Brunswick, Georgia, but moved to Atlanta for college. During my freshman year I decided to participate in the AmeriCorps Jumpstart program as a Corps member providing additional adult support and promoting children’s language and literacy skills with local Atlanta preschoolers. This volunteer experience sparked my initial interest in better understanding how universities connect and engage with local community members as well as what role university faculty, students, and staff can play in shaping the quality of life of local, regional, national, and global communities.

In 2014, I left Atlanta and moved to New York City to pursue my graduate degree at Columbia University. However, it wasn’t long before I found my way back to Georgia through the University of Georgia Archway Partnership and in January 2016, I assumed the role of Archway Professional. In this position, I served as a liaison between rural South Georgia communities and UGA. I assisted those communities in connecting to higher education resources to aid them with locally identified issues, needs, and priorities. Now, I am excited to return to Atlanta as SLS’s new community engagement specialist to continue connecting student and faculty with the Atlanta community.

Joining the SLS family and having the chance to implement Georgia Tech’s motto “Progress and Service” will allow me to contribute positively to the lives of those I touch every day. From students to community partners, I believe we must all work collaboratively to ensure a better and sustainable future. I hope that during my time with SLS, I can be a resource to those inside the Georgia Tech community and throughout the Atlanta region.