WHAT: Intern or work closely for one or two semesters with a partner organization on a real-world project addressing a sustainable communities challenge in Atlanta (on or off campus) or abroad. The goal of this experience is to learn about the challenge from partners who have been working to address it in innovative ways for many years. The work is complemented by learning and critical reflection through a GT course or SLS seminar.


HOW: There are four ways to complete this component:

  1. Intern for the summer with an organization working on issues related to sustainable communities and simultaneously enroll in the SLS Innovating for Social Impact seminar (part of the SLS Summer Internship Program). You may apply for the SLS Internship Program, or find your own internship and participate separately in the SLS seminar. The seminar meets one evening every other week for two hours throughout the summer. It is run by SLS staff and has two purposes: a) Introduce students to theories of grassroots sustainability innovation, and b) Provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their internship experiences with each other and SLS.

  2. Study abroad on the Leadership for Social Good Summer Study Abroad Program in Central and Eastern Europe, run by the Institute for Leadership and Social Impact, which includes three courses, one of which is a six-week internship with a social enterprise. Note that this program fulfills both the ENGAGE and LEARN requirements.

  3. Take a one-semester GT course that includes an in-depth, semester-long project with a community partner. Here are some examples of SLS Affiliated Courses offered regularly that meet these criteria and will be automatically approved to fulfill the Learn requirement if they are taught by the instructor listed in parentheses. Students may also submit other courses for approval by SLS - either SLS-affiliated or not.

  4. Take at least two semesters of a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) totaling at least two credits. The VIP must center on an in-depth, long-term project with a community partner. The following SLS-affiliated VIPs meet these criteria and will be automatically approved to fulfill the Learn requirement. Students may also submit other VIPs for approval by SLS - either SLS-affiliated or not.  Please email SLS to request approval.

Internship Guide Acknowledgment

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