Todd Michney
HTS 2086
Spring 2023
Fall 2020
Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Spring 2016

“Semester in the City” seeks to familiarize students with nearby Westside communities that have historically faced, and continue to face serious sustainability challenges – even as they continue to develop significant strategies for positive change.  Students learn how ecological, social, and economic systems have operated in these neighborhoods and explore how policy and community mobilization approaches might be re-envisioned to improve liveability.  The course is a combination of in-class and hands-on, experiential learning, including in these neighborhoods as well as in local government and nonprofit offices, as well as in-town libraries and archives.  Students look at nearby areas like English Avenue and Vine City from a variety of perspectives – historical, social, political, economic, and environmental, among others.  By collaborating with organized neighborhood residents, students strengthen these communities’ ties to Georgia Tech and in the process of engagement, promote sustainability as a means to potentially transform civic life and values in the Atlanta metro area.​

Course Level
Partner Engagement