Vertically Integrated Project: Building for Equity and Sustainability

Spring 2022
Fall 2021
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Jennifer Hirsch
Juan Archila
Justin Biddle
Jimmy Mitchell
Anne Rogers
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This VIP takes as its main focus Georgia Tech’s new Living Building – the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design – and its efforts to advance social equity as a key part of building and operating a sustainable building. The team will also explore equity and resilience in sustainability projects in partner communities in Atlanta and Georgia. Our research team includes GT students, faculty, and staff. This VIP is affiliated with Serve- Learn-Sustain (SLS), and we will work with them to collaborate with community and industry partners. We have four initial goals: 1) Incorporate equity as an important objective in engineering and architecture design practices at Georgia Tech; 2) Work closely with the Living Building Equity Champions to fully engage underrepresented students in The Kendeda Building and to use the building to advance the Institute’s diversity and inclusion goals; 3) Codevelop with communities design solutions to increase equity, resilience, and sustainability in the built environment; and 4) Influence the sustainable building sector nationally and internationally to more thoroughly incorporate equity as a goal in their rating systems and programs.  Visit our VIP page for more information

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