SLS in Computer Science Capstone Design

This spring marks the first semester that the Computer Science Capstone Design program is offering an “SLS Section.” This section’s curated partnerships give CS majors an opportunity to engage with local nonprofits, social impact entrepreneurs, and community organizations as their project partners. The students of the SLS section had their own Introduction to SLS session in the beginning of the term and were required to attend SLS’s Service Learning and Community Engagement Orientation.

Volunteers Around the World: Alternative Service Break in Guatemala

This winter break, I spent 9 days leading thirteen of my Georgia Tech peers on a medical outreach service trip to San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala through Georgia Tech’s student organization, Volunteers Around the World (VAW). San Pedro is a beautiful community about four hours west of Guatemala City, situated on Lake Atitlan, in the mountains. The objective of our days was to run pop-up medical clinics in rural nearby villages, taking care of patient needs through four main stations: intake, vitals, consultation, and pharmacy.

Fall 2018 Liam's Legacy: Reflection on Energy Equity and Justice

ISyE major Julianne McCallum reflects on her participation in the Fall 2018 Liam's Legacy Symposium and her attendance at the Just Energy Summit.  Our Spring Liam's Legacy Symposium, Local to Global: Perspectives on Community Health, is THIS THURSDAY, March 14th.  Registration is required and we only have a few spots left!  Liam's Legacy is presented by Serve-Learn

SLS Announces 2019 SDG Faculty Fellows

SLS is excited to announce our first cohort of SLS SDG Faculty Fellows – eight faculty from four colleges and seven schools, who will work with SLS during 2019 to advance their teaching and research related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and help us increase faculty engagement in our regional sustainability network, RCE Greater Atlanta, officially acknowledged by the United Nations University:

Making Connections through Sustainability and Excellent Opportunities: The Global RCE Network and Ph.D. Student of International Conflict Management

We hope you enjoy this first post in a series of posts about the work of RCE Greater Atlanta, leading up to the 2019 Atlanta Global Studies Symposium: The UN Sustainable Development Goals in Education, Research, and Community Engagement (April 25 - 27, 2019), featuring a parallel session focused on capacity building through RCE Greater Atlanta.  Brittany Foutz is an International Conflict Management Ph.D. Candidate at Kennesaw State University.

Georgia Tech's Alternative Service Breaks - Serving Across Cultures

Considering an Alternative Service Break?  Read about one student's experience traveling to Belize to build a community health center.

SLS Summer Internship: A Transformative Experience

Interested in a summer internship experience that offers the opportunity to gain real-world experience in sustainability and community engagement, while supporting solutions for sustainable communities?  Apply for the SLS 2019 Summer Internship Program!  Applications are now open.  Read about the experience of one of our 2018 interns, working with SLS partner Transformation Alliance.

Exploring Spain

We are pleased to provide you with another blog post from our 2018 Global Student Ambassadors.  This week, we highlight the Language for Business and Technology (LBAT): Spain program which provides students with the opportunity to spend six weeks in Madrid and Grenada, studying current issues in politics, socio-economics, and sustainability in Spain and the European Union.

Die Grune Avantgarde: Reflections on Sustainability in Germany

We are pleased to provide you with another blog post from one of our 2018 SLS Global Student Ambassadors.  This week, we highlight the Language for Business and Technology (LBAT): Germany program, which takes students throughout Germany and explores regional perspectives in lifestyles, history, and traditions, as well as from an industrial point of view.

RCE Americas Meeting in Argentina

When I got the invitation to become involved with the RCE Greater Atlanta and the Youth Network back in July, I was not a hundred percent sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew it was a great opportunity. As I got involved, I began to understand more and more the mission of the RCEs and the opportunities they create to accomplish sustainable development. However, it was not until some months later when I got the opportunity to attend the 7th RCE Meeting of the Americas in Posadas, Argentina that I truly felt the impact that these RCEs can have.