RCE Greater Atlanta Receives Two United Nations University Awards

RCE Greater Atlanta, a regional sustainability network officially acknowledged by the United Nations University, was among the recipients of the eighth RCE Awards, which celebrate projects and programs on Education for Sustainable Development within the United Nations University Global RCE Network.

Read more about those awards HERE.

Excursion into Justice; Student Interns Travel Through the South Seeking Truths into Civil Rights, Climate, and Environmental Justice

Typically, students sit behind closed office doors performing their assigned tasks during their summer internship period.  Only on rare occasions do students venture into the field to get a better understanding in a more practical manner of the true nature and potential impacts of their work.  Contrary to this norm, four students working as summer interns with the Center for Sustainable Communities this past summer decided to participate in what turned out to be quite an adventure.

When Everything Clicks: An Undergraduate Reflection on Discovering Sustainability at Tech

Undergraduate student Almi Mansaray shares her journey of discovering sustainability while at Tech. Her sustainability experiences have given her joy and a sense of purpose (which she was previously missing) in her undergraduate education. Learn about her experiences with  SLS, our Foundations of Sustainable Systems course, our Minor in Sustainable Cities, our Innovating for Social Impact Program, and the Net Impact student group.

SLS Hosts Second Social Innovation Buzz Course in Fall 2019

What is a “Buzz Course”?

SLS Buzz Courses are short, focused, co-curricular opportunities at Georgia Tech. Over the past several years SLS has collaborated with faculty and community partners to offer Buzz Courses on topics including citizen science, universal design, and social innovation. Community members, along with Georgia Tech students, may participate free of charge, and participants receive a digital badge of completion at the end of the course.

SLS Winners: Fall CS Junior Design Capstone Expo

It’s always exciting to see a project come to fruition, especially when your students are creating software for positive social impact! At last semester’s Computer Science Junior Design Capstone Expo, student teams debuted the results of their year-long process developing customized products for clients, including SLS community partners.

Fall 2019 SLS Student Showcase Winners

SLS held its fourth Student Showcase on November 19th in Klaus Atrium, with 40 diverse student projects and over 100 attendees.  Read more about our project team winners and the winner of our Student Choice Award for Excellence in Teaching HERE.

A Reflection on the Future of Atlanta: Smart City Expo

This is a reflection not only on the Smart City Expo, but also my comments on the companies’ presence there.  Leaving the Expo on the final day, I was left with my mind racing with thoughts on whether these companies are truly working to make a more “sustainable” future or if they are trying to improve their brand by including popular buzzwords in their technology.  

Does a facility provide inputs for a better learning experience to its occupants?

Monica Sierra Aparicio is a master’s student in Building Construction and a Graduate Assistant with the Living Building Equity Champions Program run by Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and recently attended the NAACP Centering Equity in the Sustainable Building Sector (CESBS) working retreat. In Spring 2020, she will be part of the new VIP: Building for Equity and Sustainability.

Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain, Spring 2019

SLS Global Student Ambassador Mynah Holloway, shares her experiences with the Serve-Learn-Sustain in Spain study abroad program through her own blog.  Read more HERE.

Honey Bees, Media, and Engineering

Charleston Ford, a computational media major, grew up producing YouTube videos of him and his friends skateboarding. Video editing and its capability to tell a story in a way that can change people’s perspectives on real world events have always fascinated his Ramblin’ Research production teammate and friend, computer engineering major, Cameron Davis.