SLS Summer Internship Program 2018

Internship Program Overview

The SLS Summer Internship Program is an opportunity for students looking to gain real-world experience related to sustainability and community engagement.  SLS seeks to provide our partners with support and resources so that they may support the people and places in which they work, while providing our students with practical experience in supporting solutions for sustainable communities.  SLS student interns will work with an SLS partner either on or off campus.  There are also opportunities to intern in the SLS office.  Already have an unpaid internship lined up, or a partner in mind?  Contact SLS and let us know and we will consider adding that internship to our summer program!

All student interns will also participate in professional development sessions alternated with seminar sessions led by SLS staff, which include speakers, engagement with cutting-edge scholarship, peer presentations, and more.  SLS student interns will earn standard summer internship course audit credit from Georgia Tech.  Once a student applies, their application will be reviewed to determine if they will move on to the interview process.  After the interview process is complete, if a student is moving forward in the program they will be matched with specific partners based on criteria that include major/discipline, partner requirements, and student interests.  Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a rolling basis until April 1st, or until all internship positions are filled.  Note that while most positions are expected to go to undergraduate students, graduate students are also welcome to apply.  We anticipate selecting between 5 - 10 interns this summer.

Minimum Qualifications

Students must:

1.  Be enrolled full-time at Georgia Tech

2.  Be in good academic standing

3.  Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above

Time Commitment

The SLS internship is a standard 12-week summer program, beginning May 14, 2018 and ending August 3rd, 2018. Internships may be either part-time (15-20 hours per week) or full-time (30-40 hours per week), depending on the needs of the partner and interests of the student.  Within these hours, SLS student interns will participate in the professional development /seminar session program, which will involve meetings every other week. Beyond these hours, there will be required activities such as reading, journal writing, and active reflection.  All activities are required components for program completion.


SLS student interns will be paid a summer stipend to cover living expenses - $2500 for part-time internships or $5000 for full-time internships.  Students are expected to meet Georgia Tech employee standards, as well as the standards of the partner where they are placed.  Students are also expected to meet the SLS Internship Program completion requirements.  Failure to follow program expectations may result in dismissal or payment forfeiture.

Application Process

Please complete the online application.  Once your information is received and reviewed, we will let you know whether you will move forward to the interview process.  Once the interview process is complete, if you are moving on in the process, the final step will be to match you with the appropriate position.



Are you a partner interested in an SLS intern for the summer?  Please complete the partner information here.


Georgia Farmers Market Association (Full-time)

The Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA) works to strengthen connections between farmers markets and local producers in order to help them maintain sustainable businesses, engage their communities, and improve local food systems.

GFMA seeks an Evaluation and Outreach Intern who will work to develop or improve upon existing surveys to be administered at Georgia farmers markets.  The intern will be responsible for administering the surveys, as well as compiling, evaluating, and generating reports of survey data.  The intern will communicate directly with market managers and/or outreach coordinators regarding weekly data collection, and will visit markets for the purposes of administering surveys and promoting GFMA and its programs.  Prospective interns should have experience with a broad range of social media, as well as proficiency in G Suite (especially Google Drive) and Microsoft Office (especially Excel).    Strong writing and editing skills, attention to detail, and communication skills are a must.

Center for Sustainable Communities (Full-time)

The Center for Sustainable Communities provides technical assistance to neighborhoods and communities through program and project management, research and analysis, education and safety, climate resiliency, economic development, and education, in order to promote clean energy and environmental sustainability.  CSC seeks a program support intern for the ECO District Hampton Roads Project, a community driven catalytic initiative to transform challenged and underserved communities from ones that are striving to thriving. The initiative is driven by three imperatives of Equity, Resilience and Climate Action. A Road Map is developed for neighborhood transformation based on priorities of place, prosperity, resource restoration, living infrastructure, connectivity, and health and wellness. Strategies, action plans and indicators are used to connect resources with projects and programs and other outcomes creating sustainable, economic and environmentally sound neighborhoods. This is an exciting, broad and engaging position with a social justice focus delivering game changing results to transform communities.

Groundwork Atlanta (Full-time)

Groundwork Atlanta is one of the local Trusts in the Groundwork USA network.  Groundwork Trusts create and nurture productive community partnerships that engage local residents, youth, and other stakeholders in all aspects of the work to improve quality of life on the ground in their host communities.  

We recently completed our Strategic Planning Process which highlights the focus on three key areas: (1) addressing Brownfields Sites, particulary Chatt Brick, (2) Promoting the Urban Ag Program AGLanta Grows with the City of Atlanta, and (3) Promoting a multi-modal network of paths, such as the Riverwalk Project highlighted in the ATLCityDesign.  However, we are also engaged in initiatives with Urban Water (working along Proctor Creek).  As Groundwork Atlanta is a community-based, environmentally focused nonprofit, most of our activities will be in the field working with the community.  Internship activities will include helping to establish recurring park events and work days; assisting with the events and providing additional materials; and help with trail blazing along the Chattahoochee River.  The intern will also help with community outreach, and other activities as assigned, including the annual fundraising event.  The intern will assist the Green Team with program development of the youth workforce development program and work with our social media accounts to assist with managing posts and marketing efforts.  The ideal intern will have good people and organizational skills, as well as aptitude in working with social media accounts.  Basic outdoor skills are also necessary, with the ability to carry up to 30 pounds and work outside in the summer conditions in Atlanta.

EarthShare of Georgia (Full-time)

Founded in 1992 as the Environmental Fund for Georgia, Earthshare of Georgia is a one-stop connector nonprofit that provides public and private sector organizations with solutions to engage employees in environmental education learning, and volunteer and workplace-giving opportunities that support more than 100 trusted local, state, and national charities dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land, and water.

As a service to the community, EarthShare of Georgia works to promote our member groups and corporate partners, most notably through the promotion of volunteer and Green Job opportunities via our website.  The SLS intern will be tasked with refreshing and modernizing the EarthShare of Georgia website.  The EarthShare of Georgia webpage visitors are comprised of two (2) basic users: 1) The EarthShare of Georgia network (our member groups and corporate partners), and 2) the general public searching for information and opportunities to get involved within the environmental and sustainability space.  Simplistic in nature, the existing site is a WordPress template with an outdated look and requires hands-on maintenance by the EarthShare of Georgia staff (i.e. calendar of events, and - until recently - job board postings).  The website needs to be refreshed and updated to a low maintenance page that presents information and opportunities in an easy to read, engaging user interface, and promotes our mission and annual events in a simplistic manner.  The intern will interview the staff and key stakeholders (as needed), research available WordPress templates and plug-ins, and take the lead in redesigning our website in tandem with our 25th anniversary celebration in 2018.  Our website is hosted on WordPress, so experience with WordPress is highly recommended, but not a requirement in as much as one will need to be computer savvy.

Georgia Tech Facilities Landscape Services (Full-time)

This opportunity involves sustainable practices in the development and management of landscaping spaces on campus.  Work with Landscape Services to consider drought tolerant plant life in terms of location, timing, adaptability to this climate, etc.  Identify pollinator-friendly plants in support of Bee-Campus USA.  Complete a cost/savings analysis related to using city water for irrigation vs. letting plants die, including factors like weather trends and replacements costs.  Research the effect of different plan life/trees on things like soil moisture and water that enters storm drains.  Research potential energy savings associated with the cooling effects of plant life, and identify potential models or algorithms relevant to estimating these savings for energy modeling and land planning.

Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation Services (Full-time)

The transportation system at Georgia Tech is multi-faceted and impacts the environmental performance of the Institute in significant ways.  This internship will involve researching best-in-class campus transportation systems and compare those to the current state of transportation at Georgia Tech, specifically our fleet and 3rd party vehicles and the student, faculty, and staff commute modes.  Where there are gaps in the current system, the intern will have the responsibility of recommending strategies to address them.  The intern will also research technologies and financing models for alternative fuel for campus fleet, as well as providing support for the marketing and adoption of the bike share and other alternative transportation programs.  It is preferred that the intern have an interest in sustainability, alternative fueling solutions, and impact reduction, as well as some experience working with municipal-scale transportation systems.  Knowledge of the use of surveys for data collection is also a plus.

Transformation Alliance (Full-time)

This position will support the programming and administration of the Transformation Alliance, a collaboration of almost 30 organizations.  The Managing Director is seeking an intern to provide assistance with policy, communications, and meeting design.  The intern will assist with the set-up and planning of meetings, and creation of materials.  Along with attendance at meeting, the intern will also prepare notes and follow-up.  The Transformation Alliance works closely with the Atlanta Regional Commission, giving this position an opportunity to learn more about the regional planning organization and its functions.  The ideal intern will have some familiarity through their studies with community development, affordable housing, community organizing, issues around race, diversity, equity, and/or urban policy and planning.  A successful intern will be self-directed, organized, have an interest in setting up processes and meetings which are productive and engaging, have strong writing and communication skills, and be reliable and ready to network.  Experience with MailChimp and Microsoft Excel would be helpful for this position,

Friends of Refugees (Full-time)

The summer internship program with Friends of Refugees is a multi-faceted position that will provide exposure to the greenhouse and garden system that is an integral part of the community, as well as opportunities to mentor teens in the community, and interact with outside volunteer organizations, donors, and other community members.  The internship position will focus on several specific projects:

  • The intern will work with eight members of the garden staff who are Clarkston High School students to help maintain the hydroponics and aquaponics system.  They will create and present engaging and informative tours of the greenhouse for gardeners, volunteer groups, donors, and community members.  They will also provide short, engaging lessons about the greenhouse for the children who participate in the garden education program.
  • The intern will spend several hours per week mentoring a small group of teens, allowing them to assist with various projects, and planning and executing fun, educational fields trips during the course of the summer.
  • The intern will conduct in-depth research about the plants grown in the garden by our refugee gardeners, and compile a detailed report of their findings to the Garden Director at the end of the summer.
  • The intern will work with garden staff to install a line of piping that connects and overflows in the system of bog swales on the property that help to manage runoff and retention.  Once the system is installed, the intern will create accessible infographics and a short description to post in the garden for visitor education.

This position reports directly to the Garden Director.  Basic computer skills and a mastery of Gmail and Google Drive required.  Some moderate gardening and/or greenhouse knowledge would be preferable, but at a minimum an openness and willingness to learn from the garden staff.  The intern should have a desire to be immersed in a community of refugees and to learn from the people with whom they build relationships, with a positive attitude and a welcoming spirit.  Some physical labor will be required, and the intern should be able to lift objects of up to 30lbs, and work outside in the Georgia temperatures.  The intern should be independent and self-motivated.

US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA-Region 4) (Part-time)

This internship with the US EPA Region 4 will focus on the Brownfields RCRA Cleanup and Brownfields Branch.  The intern will be responsible for supporting development of a simple air quality monitoring plan in a defined Southwest Atlanta Community site where asthma and other air-related chronic conditions are widespread. An EPA advisor will provide direction, location, contacts and scope about this monitoring plan. This air monitoring plan may follow available Citizen Science methodologies, or those recommended by an experienced Environmental Professional. There are two likely scenarios: the first scenario is developing an air monitoring plan for a school play yard or other recreation place; the second scenario will consist of developing an air monitoring plan at a specific location where air quality concerns have been identified.  Developing this plan will follow standard EPA processes for engaging with community partners who are involved/concerned about air quality in their neighborhood or near their school/play areas.  The air monitoring plan will be evaluated for use by one of several environmental and/or public health agencies or university environmental and/or public health programs for implementation. Site visits and communication with above community/nonprofit and/or advocacy groups, and other related individuals such as environmental/public health professionals/researchers will be included in plan development.  The intern will create a fact sheet which captures major aspects of the air monitoring plan development and related community engagement – that is, which community partners were consulted and how their involvement impacted the monitoring plan development.

Atlanta Food and Farm PBC (AF2) (Part-time)

Atlanta Food and Farm PBC (AF2) is an urban farming consulting firm whose mission is to build community through growing food and to support food sovereignty for neighborhoods throughout Greater Atlanta.  AF2 seeks to host an intern to continue development of the Food Literacy Institute project that AF2 originally launched in 2014.  FLI is an educational program based on the popular education model and Asset  Based Community Development (ABCD),  hich values the potential of local community members and empowers them to share their knowledge and skills. Through the FLI open learning platform, everyday people can share knowledge and skills with one another through local workshops. The topics of these workshops are determined by the skill sets of community members that can be shared with their neighbors.

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of residents in the South-West Atlanta’s Fertile Crescent local food economy district to address their own food security issues by increasing food self reliance through urban agriculture and improving the available local food system infrastructure. While this initiative is targeted to enhance the food security of Fertile Crescent neighborhoods, it has the potential of impacting the local food capacity of the greater metro Atlanta region as well.

The intern will work with AF2 to develop strategic planning priorities for operating the FLI, revamp the FLI website, and develop a new marketing strategy, including producing marketing materials, to recruit workshop instructors.  In addition, they will network and build connections with urban farming experts, nutrition and wellness leaders, and other food related subject areas in local communities.  They will also build and execute fundraising strategies for FLI's sustainability and learn about the grant writing process in conjunction with AF2 staff.

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) (Full-time)

The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) is a community-based non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life within the West Atlanta Watershed by protecting, preserving and restoring our community’s natural resources. WAWA represents African American neighborhoods in Northwest and Southwest Atlanta (the Proctor, Utoy, and Sandy Creek Watersheds) that are most inundated with environmental stressors, but are least represented at environmental decision-making tables.  The Proctor Creek watershed suffers from significant flooding, environmental pollution, and prolonged economic disinvestment which has resulted in high vacancy rates, lack of economic opportunity and significant health risks to neighbors living in the watershed.  After decades of neglect, several local interests are now working together to focus on environmental remediation of the area.  In 2013, Proctor Creek entered the national spotlight as one of eleven U.S. urban waterways targeted for revitalization by the Urban Waters Federal Partnership.  With many entities working on similar projects, it is essential to facilitate dialog between all the organizations, agendas and moving pieces. Coordination and communication between the growing list of stakeholders will minimize redundancies and isolation between partner groups and maximize available resources. 

WAWA seeks a detail-oriented, self-starter to provide communications, coordination and community-capacity building and engagement support to a wide range of programs, initiatives and activities dedicated to the improvement of the Proctor Creek watershed and the communities within it. Internship duties/projects will include: Update, and help with re-design (using simple web tools) of existing Proctor Creek clearinghouse website with projects, up-to-date Proctor Creek news, relevant topics (health, water monitoring) and links;  Coordinate social media platforms, messaging on activities, resources, and gathering community stories;  Re-launch a monthly Proctor Creek newsletter (with support from WAWA partners who will assist in providing content);  Assist with engagement of Proctor Creek residents in Community Science Programs (i.e., water quality monitoring, mapping environmental hazards, documenting stormwater management challenges/problems with stormwater infrastructure, etc.);  Schedule/co-coordinate community events, formal, and informal education opportunities for residents of the Proctor Creek Watershed (i.e., community festivals, presentations at community and neighborhood planning unit (NPU) meetings, watershed education presentations to youth groups and camps, etc. focused on raising community awareness of watershed issues and opportunities to get engaged with the stewardship and restoration of the watershed;  Engage and educate the public about environmental programs and environmental topics relevant to the Proctor Creek Watershed at meetings and community events;  Help Manage and assist outreach volunteers at Proctor Creek Stewardship and Restoration Events;  Assist with the creation of community outreach, education, marketing or promotional materials.

The ideal intern should have excellent written and oral communication skills, strong organizational skills, and confidence in public speaking and public engagement.  The intern should be able to work independently and successfully manage multiple projects with competing deadlines.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office is required.  Experience or exposure to web content programs (WordPress, etc.), social media platforms, email content management systems (MailChimp, etc.), and desktop publishing is a plus.  The intern should be comfortable working with/in racially, economically, and ethnically diverse communities, and be able to perform in a team environment.

City of Atlanta - Office of Resilience (Part-time) (Two internship positions available)

Urban Agriculture Community Engagement Intern

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience, Urban Agriculture Marketing Internship Program provides a substantive learning experience that serves as a basis for interns to explore career options and attain professional skills in a variety of leadership fields such as resilience, community engagement, urban agriculture development and management, urban planning, and many other related disciplines.  The Mayor’s Office of Resilience is looking for a college student with a strong academic record, who has an interest in learning how urban agriculture can help achieve our goal of making Atlanta a top-tier city for Resilience.  The goal of this position is to develop a passionate and skilled leader committed to urban agriculture as a critical function of a resilient city.  This role offers a broad range of experience including community engagement, press release writing, event planning, and promotions on urban agriculture related events.  Working with the Director and program managers, the intern’s primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to event coordination; press release/notification creation; branding strategy; graphics generation and creative input; and social media engagement.  The ideal intern is a highly motivated and creative problem solver who is organized, detail oriented, and adept at task management.  Applicants should have some experience with marketing and graphic design and be able to collaborate in various team structures as well as work independently.  Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite is required.

UNRCE Intern

The City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Resilience is requesting a Serve Learn Sustain Intern to help connect the goals of the Resilient Atlanta Strategy to the goals of the Greater Atlanta Regional Center of Expertise for Sustainable Development. More specifically, in accordance with the priorities set forth by Mayor Bottoms, this intern would help develop initiatives around the Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with the Greater Atlanta Regional Center of Expertise’s Youth Network, the Mayor’s Office of Resilience, and the Atlanta Sustainability Student Council. These would be the first action items to be implemented with the UN RCE, and could help to build bridges between the Atlanta Public Schools, the RCE, and the City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Resilience.  In cooperation with the Director of Sustainability, John R. Seydel, this intern would work in an official capacity with the Mayor’s Office of Resilience, and would further identify action items in the Resilient Atlanta Strategy that most align with the goals of the Greater Atlanta Regional Center of Expertise. This intern would also be tasked with researching the best practices from the 150+ RCE’s around the world to identify scalable solutions for the Sustainable Development goals for the Greater Atlanta Community.  The ideal intern is a highly motivated and creative problem solver who is organized, detail oriented, and adept at task management.  Applicants should be able to collaborate in various team structures as well as work independently.  Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite is required.

Serve-Learn-Sustain (Full-time)

The SLS Student Intern will assist with a variety of projects, and may be asked to take the lead in specific contents; potential projects include: support and research for the Greater ATL RCE Youth Network and K-12 Network as well as work on the fall launch of the RCE to be held at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.  The SLS Intern may also work on creating a structure for a Faculty Fellows and Student Fellows collaborative learning and course development program, in which Student Fellows partner with SLS affiliated faculty members on projects specific to their interests and aligned with SLS. These project areas will be dependent on the interests of faculty member and student, but may include areas such as Water and Green Infrastructure, Civic Data, Equitable Development, and Community Health and Food. The SLS Student Intern will also act as a liaison between our Internship program and select community partners, as we plan field trips and other Intern Community Building activities. 

Global Growers (Full-time)

Global Growers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, GA that increases the number of food producers who expand access to healthy, sustainably-grown food and also prepares farmers to be competitive in their local marketplace. Global Growers prioritizes serving international farmers who came to the U.S. as refugees, as well as others that are underserved and underrepresented in sustainable agriculture. We connect growers to land, education, and markets in Georgia through our four program areas: Community Development, Farm Operations, Education & Outreach, and Sales.

Global Growers seeks a Community Development intern.  This internship will present opportunities to interact with diverse cultures and languages, learn about food production and natural gardening systems, and build leadership skills working with local youth.  The internship responsibilities will include providing leadership to the Summer Garden Crew made up of 5 Clarkston High School youth who work part-time in the gardens during the summer, in partnership with the IRC’s Youth Food Justice program; supporting ongoing projects and programs at 4 community garden sites in Decatur, Clarkston, and Stone Mountain (e.g., maintenance projects, education activities,outreach to garden families); supporting the management of fruit orchard and native plant gardens; and supporting Clarkston Food Initiative activities with various partner organizations and stakeholders in Clarkston (e.g., meeting preparation, outreach activities).

The Global Growers office is located in Decatur, on Columbia Drive, with various garden site locations in Decatur and Clarkston.  Access to a car is preferred, but all sites are within 1/4 mile of a MARTA bus route.

Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving, Inc. (YELLS) (Full-time)

The YELLS (Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving, Inc.) Community Action Café is an innovative program where teens learn financial literacy, marketing, servant-leadership, customer service, event planning, and much more as they actually manage the Café and lead events and workshops to engage community members. Our Service Learning model is rooted in youth voice and allows teens to rise as the leaders of their communities. The role of the summer intern is to directly support the implementation of the YELLS Community Action Café’s Summer of Success Program by helping to plan and facilitate a dynamic summer experience for high school teens. The summer intern will lead and coordinate various activities that promote positive personal development and academic success while empowering teens to build community. The intern will work under the supervision of the Community Action Café Teen Program Coordinator to help plan, lead, and facilitate active and highly engaging educational, entrepreneurship, recreational, leadership, character-building, and enrichment activities for high school teens.  They will support program planning and coordination (recruitment, fieldtrip planning, partner outreach, registration, curriculum support, and community event support), as well as planning and implementing recruitment events and initiatives that create buzz and excitement.  The intern will facilitate team-building activities to foster team spirit and a positive teen culture by creating an uplifting group dynamic via team-cohesion and motivational activities and empower youth to direct and enact service and community-building initiatives and manage their Café as a hub for resources and relationships.  The ideal intern will be able to develop a rapport with students & create a welcoming environment, while providing a positive example for youth.  The will also assist with outreach to partners and coordination of various projects and community-building events, including our new Achievement Club for adults, a Back to School Bash event, and other community projects and provide assistance with elementary school summer program, when needed.  The ideal intern will have an enthusiastic, dynamic personality that inspires and motivates teens, with effective behavior management skills.  They should have the ability to work in a non-judgmental, culturally sensitive, and empowering manner with children from diverse backgrounds. Technological skills, with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and social media are required.  The intern must pass national background check.  Fluency in both English and Spanish is a plus.

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) (Part-time)

The volunteer intern position is the first line of engagement for those interested in getting involved with USGBC locally.  The individual is an emerging professional developing a wide range of administrative, event management and technical skills to assist and implement educational events.  He/she recruits and manages the volunteer leadership that plans and executes local programming and events. This position is also involved with ensuring relevant, mission-based, and high-caliber programming; strong attendance at local events; and corporate and community partnerships that enhance educational content.  Duties may include recruiting and retaining new members in the local market through compelling programming and other outreach opportunities; tracking and management of member information; providing support to members via telephone and email; recruiting and managing volunteers assigned to committees and at events; assisting local market committees in generating job descriptions for the group, recruiting new members, and managing the volunteer leadership assigned to local market committees; developing and executing outreach strategies to promote local initiatives and events; maintaining up-to-date knowledge of market trends to ensure that the programming reflects these trends and initiatives; identifying funding sources for local programming, including grants, sponsorships, and ticket sales; managing and generating website, newsletter and social media content related to local membership, programming and events; documenting program and event results for the purpose of assessing success and future planning, and informing annual reporting; and responding to inquiries related to local market activities.

The ideal intern will have some experience with developing educational programming or curriculum and experience in community outreach or public relations.  Candidates should have strong organizational skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office suite.  Familiarity with the LEED system, development and grant writing, and marketing and design are preferred.

Grove Park Foundation (Part-time) (2 positions)

Grove Park Foundation is committed to holistic neighborhood revitalization to improve the quality of life in the Grove Park neighborhood in Northwest Atlanta by working with local partners, leaders, and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community.  Grove Park Foundation is seeking two part-time interns to work with us this summer.

Communications Intern

Grove Park Foundation is examining its own social media, web presence and media presence in relation to our community-based work. We are seeking an intern who can work with our leadership to develop a social media plan, calendar, and guidelines for the foundation. An intern will help the foundation create a social media plan, and implement the first stages, including working with a videographer to develop short clips, and the development of branded material.  The ideal intern will have proficiency with social media platforms, including but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, HootSuite, NextDoor, etc., as well as proficiency in Microsoft Office suite.  Some Adobe suite experience is preferable.  The intern should also be willing to attend community meetings, interact with Grove Park neighbors, and support Grove Park Foundation staff as needed.

Economic Housing and Development Intern

This internship will be focused on community outreach in the areas of housing, jobs training, housing and job opportunities, program marketing, small/micro-business development, data collection for housing and economic development.  The intern should be a dynamic candidate who is creative problem solver and self-starter.  Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite is desirable.  The intern should also be willing to attend community meetings, interact with Grove Park neighbors, and support Grove Park Foundation staff as needed.

Second Helpings Atlanta (Part-time)

Second Helpings Atlanta is a food rescue organization that rescues nutritious, perishable food from our network of nearly 80 Food Donors and delivers it to our network of over 40 Partner Agencies that feed the hungry every day.  We are working with DoorDash to have their drivers (Dashers) act as another pool of drivers to help rescue food.  We would like to automate the current manual process by integrating SHA's scheduling system (Salesforce) and DoorDash's custom scheduling application.  This will streamline the exchange of information and reduce the amount of time from the identification of surplus food to the time a driver is scheduled to rescue it.  We expect to partner with other similar organizations and the model developed will be utilized as we identify other potential partners.  The intern must be able to work closely with subject matter experts from both SHA and DoorDash to understand the current manual process to document the business requirements before the development of custom code can begin.  A comprehensive test plan will also need to be developed and implemented to ensure the application meets the documented customer requirements.  Lastly, all APIs must be documented to ensure the design can be utilized as we identify additional partners to work with. Familiarization with WordPress and SalesForce applications is key.

United Nations CIFAL Internships

The United Nations CIFAL Global Network is looking for exceptional students like you to participate in distinguished internship opportunities at training centers in some of the most exciting cities in the world.  The internship opportunities offered through the CIFAL network give students the chance to work with the United Nations to improve living conditions for people around the world, all while gaining valuable experience and skills that will enhance your future career goals.


NOTE:  If you are interested in this opportunity, you MUST apply to both the SLS internship program via the application above AND complete the CIFAL application.  Students accepted into this internship opportunity may be eligible for additional travel funding.

Echoing Green

Echoing Green identifies tomorrow’s transformational leaders today. Through its Fellowships and other innovative leadership initiatives, Echoing Green spots emerging leaders and invests deeply in their success to accelerate their impact. Our unparalleled community of talent consists of more than 700 innovators who have launched Teach For America, City Year, One Acre Fund, SKS Microfinance, Public Allies, and more. Around the world, Echoing Green Fellows work on issues such as:
 Economic Development
, Education

, Environmental Sustainability
, Health

Justice & Human Rights
, Hunger & Poverty Alleviation, and Racial & Gender Equity
.  Echoing Green offers summer internship opportunities to students through their Fellow organizations. 

NOTE:  If you are interested in this opportunity, you MUST apply to both the SLS internship program via the application above AND apply directly to the organization per the instructions listed in the specific internship opportunity.  Students accepted into this internship opportunity may be eligible for additional travel funding.