Internship Opportunities

We are continuing to add additional internship projects - please keep checking back!  Applications will be screened as soon as they are received, so please apply early.  Please note that all internships are considered full-time (30-40 hours per week) unless otherwise indicated.  However, we can work with students who are seeking part-time opportunities, on an individual basis with specific partners.  The Summer 2019 Internship Program will start the week of May 13th and end on August 2nd, with a final internship seminar on August 6th.

Center for Civic Innovation

Mission: The Center for Civic Innovation is a community-driven research and development lab for local governments, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. Our mission is to push Atlanta to be a smart, equitable, and engaged city by investing in community-driven ideas, supporting social enterprises, and engaging people in dialogue and action. Over the past two years, we have held over 50 programs and workshops with over 1,500 entrepreneurs and have helped facilitate over $100,000 in early stage investments. The Center for Civic Innovation is also home to 25 social ventures and over 50 individual social entrepreneurs.

Project Title #1: Research and Policy Intern - Neighborhood Planning Unit Initiative

Keywords: Qualitative Research, Data Analysis, GIS

Desired skills and qualification: Research (especially interviews, surveys), Writing, Familiarity with GIS, statistical analysis, and data visualization

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The Center for Sustainable Communities is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make communities greener, cleaner, healthier, safer and more climate resilience, and we do this through an equity and environmental justice lens. 

Project Title #1: ECO Districts--Broad Scale Community Equitable Development 

Keywords: Research, Project Management, Community Engagement

Desired skills and qualification: Critical Thinking, Research, Manage a project

Project Title #2: Advanced Atmospheric Research and Monitoring System

Keywords: Research, Outreach, Education

Desired skills and qualification: Research Project Management, Data Analysis

Internship Semesters: Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2019

Mission: The goal of the City of Atlanta's Urban Agriculture (AgLanta) team is to ensure access to healthy food for 85% of Atlanta residents by 2022.

Project Title #1: The City of Atlanta 2019 Food Access Map

Keywords: Urban Agriculture, Food Access, GIS - Story Map

Desired skills and qualification: GIS, Story Mapping, Passion for urban agriculture

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The Mayor's One Atlanta Office Urban Agriculture initiative focuses on developing urban agriculture initiatives within the City of Atlanta including agriculture-related policy development, program management, and technical expert for food production, aggregation, distribution, and restoration within the City limits. 

Project Title #1: Communications Intern

Keywords: Communication, Outreach, Community Engagement

Desired skills and qualification: Written and Verbal Communication skills, Problem Solver, Organization, Detail Oriented

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The Coffee County Memory Project is an audio/visual and performing arts project. Primary source material includes oral histories of over 100 individuals who experienced the period of federally mandated school integration in the late 1960s and early 1970s in Coffee County, Georgia. 

Project Title #1: Coffee County Memory Project

Keywords: Research, Community Engagement, Equity 

Desired skills and qualification: Project Management; Video and Photography Editing; and Community Outreach 

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Note: Two interns will be selected for this project and  be based in Douglas, Georgia (Coffee County) for the duration of the summer.

Mission: The Georgia Farmers Market Association's mission is to support and promote community based farmer's markets in growing local, healthy food systems and to foster pathways to equitable food access.  We value equity, opportunity, community, local foods, resources, and organizational integrity. 

Project Title #1: Data Evaluation and Outreach

Keywords: Research, Evaluation, Outreach

Desired skills and qualification: Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, Strong Writing Skills

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: Georgia Tech Facilities supports operational excellence through innovative and efficient physical infrastructure services for Georgia Institute of Technology. The IT Department within Facilities oversees all technological aspects of this process and its associated projects.

Project Title #1: Facilities GIS Support

Keywords: GIS, Landscape Management, Sustainability

Desired skills and qualification: GIS Capabilities, Knowledge of Landscape Plantings 

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Project Title #2: Determining and Supporting Plant Diversity in Landscaping

Keywords: Landscape Management, Biology

Desired skills and qualification: Data Analysis and Plant Species Knowledge

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The Public Design Workshop is a research studio at Georgia Tech.  We conduct socially engaged design research.

Project Title #1: Redesigning the Neighborhood Planning Unit System

Keywords: Qualitative Research, Community Engagement, Design Thinking

Desired skills and qualification: Research (especially interviews, surveys), Writing, Interest in Public Engagement 

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The mission of Global Growers is to increase the number of food producers who create access to healthy, sustainably-grown food and also to prepare farmers to be competitive in their local marketplace.

Project Title #1: Volunteer and Communications Intern

Keywords: Volunteerism, Communication, Outreach

Desired skills and qualification: Highly Organized, Writing

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Groundwork Atlanta/West Atlanta Watershed Alliance

Mission: The mission of Groundwork Atlanta is to achieve the sustained regeneration, improvement, and management of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships, which empower people, businesses, and organizations to promote environmental, economic, and social well-being. We work in 5 core areas: Urban Agriculture, Urban Water, Brownfields, Youth Workforce Development and Trails/transit.  West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) is a community-based non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life within the West Atlanta Watershed by protecting, preserving, and restoring our community's natural resources.  WAWA represents African-American neighborhoods in Northwest and Southwest Atlanta that are most inundated with environmental stressors, but are least represented at environmental decision-making tables.  These internships projects will be joint projects between Groundwork Atlanta and West Atlanta Watershed Alliance.  Selected interns will work with both organizations, primarily at the intersection of their collective work.

Project Title #1: Urban Water: Trash Traps

Keywords: Community Outreach, Program Design and Development, Youth Engagement

Desired skills and qualification: Engineering background (preferably hydrology, systems, mechanical, or design), Experience working with community or youth

Project Title #2: Green Team: Urban Agriculture and Invasive Species Removal

Keywords: Youth Programming, Marketing and Social Media

Desired skills and qualification: Writing, Social Media Saavy

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Grove Park Foundation

Mission: The foundation is dedicated to revitalizing the Grove Park neighborhood and improving the quality of life by working with local partners, leaders and residents to create a healthy, equitable and vibrant community.

Project Title #1: Database Creation and Management

Keywords: Community, Outreach, Engagement

Desired skills and qualification: Communication/Interpersonal, Teamwork, Problem Solving

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) advances policies and institutional actions that promote racial equity and shared prosperity for all in the growth of metropolitan Atlanta and the American South. .

Project Title #1: Just Energy Academy

Keywords: Outreach, Organizing, Facilitation

Desired skills and qualification: Detail-oriented, advocacy, facilitation

Project Title #2: New Staff/Organizer Training and Orientation Manual

Keywords: Outreach, Communication, Advocacy

Desired skills and qualification: Organization, writing, research

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Mission: By combining pop culture and sustainability, we are building the PlantLanta movement as a launching pad for social causes working to educate millennials on food and environmental justice in urban communities. The PlantLanta movement provides a stage to call attention to these injustices and builds action on issues related to sustainability.

Project Title #1: Plantlanta Volunteer App

Keywords: Social Innovation, Technology, Volunteerism

Desired skills and qualification: Organization skills (spreadsheets, google docs, etc.), Passion for the planet, Social Media Management

Project Title #2: Plantlanta Event Coordination

Keywords: Community Engagement, Sustainability Initiatives, Social Innovation

Desired skills and qualification: Branding/Marketing, Positive attitude/Self Starter, Social Media Management (google docs, spreadsheet, etc.)

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network

Mission: The RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network is an initiative of RCE Greater Atlanta.  We comprise students and mentors from the RCE Greater Atlanta member universities in the region who are passionate about sustainability and making a difference in our community.

Project Title #1: RCE Youth Network Lead

Keywords: Leadership, Outreach, Communication

Desired skills and qualification: Communication Skills, Ability to manage multiple projects, Ability to work independently

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019


Mission: â€‹Southface Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, is a leader in sustainable advocacy, building, planning and operations across the U.S. With a mission to create a healthy and equitably built environment for all, Southface’s consulting services, workforce development, research and policy practices are supporting better homes, workplaces and communities. Experts in the fields of resource efficiency, building tech and organizational sustainability since 1978, Southface is committed to building a regenerative economy to meet tomorrow’s needs today.

Project Title #1: Atlanta CREW

Keywords: Workforce Development, Outreach, Training

Desired skills and qualification: Strong Written and Verbal Communication, Passion for equity as it relates to the sustainability and resilience of the built environment, Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage project deadlines

Project Title #2:

Keywords: Data, Clean Energy, Policy

Desired skills and qualification: Attention to detail, Microsoft Excel, Interest in clean energy

Internship Semesters: Summer 2019

Smart Community Corps

SLS is pleased to partner with the Georgia Smart Communities Challenge in sponsoring the Smart Community Corps.  The Smart Community Corps is a paid fellowship for civic-minded Georgia Tech undergraduate or graduate students dedicated to creating livable and equitable communities through smart technology implementation in the built environment.  Fellows will be placed in one of the four Georgia Smart Community Challenge grantees where they will be part of the planning for a smart future.  We encourage students from all major to apply.  Please note: this application is a SEPARATE one from the SLS application.  If you are interested in this specific opportunity, you will apply to the Smart Community Corps directly, not through the SLS application.