Living Infrastructure: The Atlanta BeltLine


This tool uses stakeholder mapping to explore the various entities that influence and benefit from infrastructure projects. Through a short presentation and reading, students will learn about one specific infrastructure project: the Atlanta BeltLine. The BeltLine, originally conceived as a network of light rail lines connecting the city of Atlanta, is a massive project in both vision and implementation. Since its inception, the vision for the BeltLine has expanded to include objectives for parks, multi-use trails, affordable housing, historic preservation, and economic development. Different groups have influenced these priorities over time.

After learning about this history, students will complete a stakeholder mapping activity This presentation and activity will challenge students to think about how large developments/infrastructure projects like the BeltLine grow over time, how the initial vision can change, why the vision changes, and who influences those decisions. Students will consider the implications of who owns infrastructure, who benefits from it, and who makes decisions about it.

This tool was contributed by Dave Ederer. 

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Bethany Jacobs