Elsa Reichmanis

Elsa Reichmanis
Pete Silas Chair in Chemical Engineering

Elsa Reichmanis’ research, at the interface of chemical engineering, chemistry, materials science, optics, and electronics, spans from fundamental concept to technology development and implementation. Her interests include the chemistry, properties and application of materials technologies for photonic and electronic applications, with particular focus on polymeric and hybrid nanostructured materials for advanced technologies, including materials platforms for high efficiency solar cells, robust high capacity battery electrode materials, and the design of biomass derived materials and processes for electronics and photonics. Currently, efforts aim to identify fundamental parameters that will enable sub-nanometer scale dimensional control of organic, polymer and/or hybrid semiconductor materials for applications ranging from energy storage and conversion to sensors. Reichmanis has introduced the concepts of sustainability and social justice from a product design perspective in her class on Chemical Product Design and has recently co-developed a course for engineering and science students that exposes them to life cycle thinking for the effective design of chemical syntheses and associated production processes.

Courses Taught

Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Spring 2017
CHEM 4833/8833, ChBE 4803/8803

In the chemical enterprise (industry, government and academia), chemists and engineers are involved in and are responsible for the development of new products, materials and manufacturing processes.

Fall 2018
ChBE 4535

This course provides a product design algorithm that can facilitate design and development of new or improved products. The design process emphasizes the concepts of sustainability, and discusses the impact of products, specifically chemical products on the community.