Fundamentals and Challenges for a Sustainable Chemical Enterprise

Spring 2019
Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Elsa Reichmanis
CHEM 4833/8833
ChBE 4803/8803

In the chemical enterprise (industry, government and academia), chemists and engineers are involved in and are responsible for the development of new products, materials and manufacturing processes. These activities include developing manufacturing processes that are environmentally friendlier, safer for workers and society, and economically more sustainable. They participate in and contribute to all segments of the supply chain, from cradle to grave (nature back to nature). In the industrial sector, they work hand in hand with other engineering professionals, and professionals from business, intellectual property, environmental safety and health, and public policy. This course provides an introduction to these issues and uses a project, multidisciplinary team based approach to collaboratively solve complex problems.

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