In AY 18-29, SLS sponsored its third Global Student Ambassador Program, partnering with ten Study Abroad programs at Georgia Tech.  The Global Student Ambassador Program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to meet each other and learn cross cultural perspectives on sustainable communities and share their experiences with other students.  As part of sharing those experiences, we are pleased to provide a blog post from Anna Montgomery, SLS Global Student Ambassador with the Leadership for Social Good (Central and Eastern Europe) program. Anna writes about her internship experience with No Bad Kid, a non-profit in Hungary that works to provide resources and training for schools across the country to better equip and encourage children who face behavioral problems. 

The Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad Program offers students the opportunity to gain insight into global civil society, learn about the challenges of creating and leading effective and sustainable social enterprises, and make a positive impact by working closely with a non-profit organization in Budapest, Hungary. Anna's post is part of a series from all the students in the Summer 2019 Leadership for Social Good program.  Read below for Anna's perspective.

Beautiful People in Broken Systems