Wendy Truran
ENGL 1102
Fall 2021

This writing and communication class focuses on women’s writing in the 20th and 21st centuries in literature, science, and technology. Through multiple modes of communication – fiction, poetry, essays, films, and academic scholarship – we think about the challenges, inequalities, and pleasures of women and the society and culture in which we operate.  

You will learn a Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic and Nonverbal (WOVEN) approach to communication and by analyzing science communication, literature, and visual arts, and you will strengthen your ability to compose, communicate, and make persuasive arguments.

The class also offers an opportunity for project-based learning as, individually and in groups, you will perform scholarly research into underrepresented figures in STEM and communicate your scholarship multimodally. Women are “particularly underrepresented in the computing and engineering fields” (AAUW, 2017) and representation matters. Using women writers as our models, our goal will be to create a feminist archive of some “hidden” figures of STEM.

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Partner Engagement
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