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Jenny Strakovsky
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Spring 2021
Fall 2020
Spring 2020

This VIP course brings together students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines to tell the story of Atlanta as a global city, and to increase access to global citizenship at Georgia Tech and nationally. We document and connect with the individuals and communities that are transforming Atlanta into a global metropolis, such as heritage and immigrant communities, foreign-born residents in a variety of professional fields, and thought leaders engaged in the global community. We document their everyday contributions and journeys through documentary film, multimedia, digital archives, writing, and research presentations. We also welcome students who want to do creative work such as graphic novels and photography. Students also apply their findings to expanding global education at Georgia Tech by engaging in program development at the Atlanta Global Studies Center, which provides them with training in human-centered management, community engagement and public outreach, culture creation, and instructional design. Students participate in all aspects of background research, multimedia/creative production, and public outreach efforts of the VIP course.

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