Michael Best
Amy Henry
Jennifer Hirsch
Sebnem Ozkan
Ravi Subramanian
John Taylor
GT 4803
Spring 2021
Interested in the SDGs? Want to learn more about them? Want to help Georgia Tech develop a model for virtual courses on the SDGs that bring together college students from around the world to learn together and advance them in their own communities? This seminar course will bring together small groups of students and faculty from approximately seven universities around the world to form a learning-and-action community focused on the U.N. SDGs. Students will:
• Complete the UNITAR e-learning course, “Youth and the SDGs,” developed by students from nine
universities and colleges in the Greater Atlanta region. The UNITAR e-learning course concludes by
having students carry out a local, hands-on project advancing one or more SDGs.
• Participate in a global 17 Rooms, a virtual event currently being planned by a group of universities from
around the world, including GT (date TBD).
• Create guidelines to inform the direction for developing a set of virtual, global, SDG-focused courses
moving forward – to ensure that these courses are appealing to students.
The seminar will be largely student-directed. Faculty/Staff Advisers and a Graduate Teaching Assistant will serve as content experts and seminar facilitators. Click HERE for more information and for application/registration instructions.
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