Andrea Rogers
LMC 3403
Spring 2019
Fall 2018

After completing the first course module on personal branding, students will turn their attention to climate-related issues. Working in conjunction with several programs and initiatives both on and off campus, students will consider how climate-related issues affect us both as individuals and employees. For the second course module, students will select a Georgia-based company within the industry they hope to enter, or within which they are already working. The companies they identify will function as the subject matter of their research as they explore the company’s current engagement with climate-related issues. The culmination of this research will amount to a SWOT report, or an analysis of the client, addressed to the company itself. This report will be followed by an oral presentation which summarizes this information for the company and outlines the student's subsequent recommendations, using both visual (slideshow, graphic, handouts, website, etc.) and aural (Youtube videos, selections from playlists, etc.) elements to support their points. For the third course module, we will continue to work on climate-related issues in small teams, with the Georgia Climate Project functioning as a potential client. Student teams will research the project and identify what they believe would make for a compelling Georgia climate story. The first project in this module will require that each group draft and present a proposal regarding the climate story they have identified, outlining the reasoning behind their selection. The second project will require that the group design and submit a memo detailing an effective social media strategy around this story, utilizing a variety of platforms to achieve the greatest effect. Finally, in lieu of a final, each group will deliver a formal presentation in which they A) present the information from their formal proposals, B) walk us through their proposed social media strategies using social media mockups, and C) take questions and suggestions for further improvement.

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