Sustainable Urban Development

Spring 2018
Kevin Lanza
CP 2233

This course introduces the challenges of sustainability as applied to the built environment and the built environment's interconnectivity with the natural environment.  It addresses a range of specific sustainability-related issues such as sprawl and smart growth, climate change, motorized and non-motorized transportation, social equity and environmental justice, green architecture, food systems, and community engagement.  Students will do substantial background reading, engage in class discussion, and apply their skills to a small-group, real-world project.  CP 2233 also serves as a gateway course to the new Sustainable Cities minor.  

Who should take this course? This course will be of special interest to at least three types of students: (1) those whose professional work may directly relate to the built environment, including majors in architecture, civil engineering, environmental engineering, public policy, and international affairs; (2) those with a special interest in sustainability and its growing importance in areas such as computing, economics, or management, and; (3) students who wish to become better citizens by developing a deeper understanding and basis for action regarding one of the most important challenges facing our country and world.

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