Dionne Nickerson
MGT 4803
Fall 2018
Fall 2017

As environmental and social consciousness has grown in recent years, sustainability has emerged as an important market driver with the potential to grow profits and spur value creation. As a result, firms are increasingly making sustainability a strategic priority. This course considers sustainability through the lens of the marketing discipline. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and class projects, this course examines the ways in which firms adapt their marketing strategies to meet business as well as societal needs. Specifically, students will learn how firms are applying environmental and socially sustainable business practices to the marketing mix (products, pricing, promotional activities, and distribution). Students will also learn how to analyze the risks and opportunities associated with sustainable marketing practices. Invited speakers will include marketing scholars, marketing practitioners, and speakers from Atlanta-area community organizations in order to provide students with a purview of the current challenges and opportunities associated with environmental and social sustainability on a local level and corporate level. All business majors are likely to benefit from this course, as the case study analysis will be useful for those targeting careers in management consulting. 

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