Kim Cobb
Jennifer Hirsch
Matthew J. Realff
Beril Toktay
GT 2803 SLS
GT 4803 SLS
MGT 2803 SLS
EAS 2803 SLS
Spring 2017

This course has a GT designation so student in any major can count it towards free electives, and it is additionally cross-listed with Management, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and Industrial & Systems Engineering.  You can register for any one of the course numbers and you'll be in the same class!  What does sustainability look like when we take community seriously?  This course is an introduction to some fundamental approaches and frameworks to help answer that question and engage our students in creating sustainable systems and communities in their professional and civic lives.  Case studies, exercises, and a project will explore applications of these frameworks.  

Who should take this course? Even students holding "traditional" jobs or starting their own companies are finding that at some stage in their career, their work responsibilities or sphere of influence include sustainability- and community-related issues, whether it be in design, supply chain, management, engineering, ethics, marketing, community impact, or recruiting, to name a few.  Students who are aiming to have sustainability-focused jobs or public service careers will find this course particularly useful.  Questions: Contact Beril Toktay,

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Partner Engagement