John Taylor
CEE 4160
Fall 2020
Fall 2018
Fall 2017

This course is open to all undergraduate Civil and Environmental engineering majors. It will be taught in three parts. In Part I, the course will focus on providing a broad overview of how cities function by examining the various urban systems (e.g., transportation infrastructure, power supply, water distribution, buildings, etc.) and their interdependencies in relation to each other and to human and natural systems. This will be explored in the context of the role urban systems play in understanding and achieving urban sustainability. Part II of the course will examine the key challenges urban environments face and emerging solutions in place or under development to address these challenges. Finally, in Part III of the course, students will form into teams to conceptualize solutions to a key challenge that will be explored in a team semester project. Project teams will be encouraged to identify and explore interdisciplinary solutions.

CEE Students only
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