Allen Hyde
HTS 4814
Fall 2022
Fall 2021

Inequalities between and within communities across the United States have become glaringly obvious in the last several years due to intersecting disasters like poverty, pollution, climate change, and COVID-19. In this course, students will use historical and sociological approaches to explore community assets, vulnerabilities, and inequalities related to these intersecting disasters, as well as learn and apply respectful and appropriate ways to engage with communities during these disastrous times. Course projects will be group community engagement activities with local partners on issues to support thriving and resilient communities and residents, as well group reports and presentations based on these activities. Potential partners and communities include: The Office of Sustainability of the City of Savannah and The Harambee House for environmental justice on the west side of Savannah, and UPPER90 for refugee youth and mobility in Clarkston, GA. A note on community engagement during COVID: you will not be required to do any in person engagement, especially when it is potentially risky for your health and the health of those in marginalized communities, but there may be opportunities to meet outside in Clarkston. We will do our best with the situation that we have, though. 


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Partner Engagement