Solar Decathlon Design Challenge

Spring 2019
Jason Brown
ARCH 8903-JB
This independent study is dedicated to completing Georgia Tech’s entry to the US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon Design Challenge for 2019.  A team of students will ultimately produce a design for a net-zero ready building according to the DoE’s requirements and, should the team be selected as a finalist based on an interim report, present this to industry experts at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado in mid April 2019.  This design will be documented at a level that it could be handed to a general contractor as-is for construction; this will have an emphasis on architectural detailing in addition to financial and technical analysis.  During this course students will gain and apply knowledge regarding building envelopes and their thermal and moisture-related performance, energy modeling, building systems, decision-making for energy-conscious building design, some photovoltaics, and financial aspects.
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