Suchismita Dutta
ENGL 1102 SF4
Fall 2022
Summer 2022

This course focuses on the socio-economic ecologies that support (or not) the sustainable Purpose Built Communities Model. Organizations like the Grove Park Foundation in Atlanta aim to target issues like unequal housing and education through initiatives such as Mixed Income Housing, Cradle-to-College Education, and community health and wellness programs. However, issues like gentrification, environmental degradation, and economic crises hinder this equitable decision making. In this course, we will take Georgia Tech’s WOVEN (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Nonverbal) approach to explore some difficult socio-economic-ecological issues using the Grove Park Foundation as our prototype. Multimodal texts include "Atlanta Noir" by Tayari Jones, The Georgia Tech Archives: The Techwood Homes Collection, “A Tale of Placemaking” by Aimee Okotie-Oyekan, The Atlanta Journal Constitution among others. Students are expected to produce three major artifacts: The Interview Project, The Archival Research Project followed by a conference presentation, and a final portfolio. We will also periodically document our findings in our common class websi

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Partner Engagement
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