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​SLS is excited to welcome our first ever Georgia Tech Partners-in-Residence – Darryl Haddock, Education Director with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA), and Garry Harris, President of the Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC). Now, as Partners-in-Residence, Darryl and Garry will spend approximately two days per month on campus, meeting with students, faculty, and staff to share their approaches to sustainable community development and education and deepen relationships and collaborations with old and new partners across campus.

As SLS “Signature Partners,” CSC and WAWA have both been working closely with SLS for many years now, via multiple programs and projects. With both CSC and WAWA, SLS is committed to engaging in long-term partnerships that advance their strategic visions for creating sustainable and equitable communities. From their end, Darryl and Garry have been committed to and passionate about their role as co-educators of our students.

Both CSC and WAWA bring so much to the GT community:

Center for Sustainable Communities – Garry Harris

By partnering with CSC, SLS is able to expose students to a deep and broad array of curricular and co-curricular experiences at the intersections of STEM, social innovation, and equity, and to link faculty and their research to a partner who is a STEM professional, a committed mentor/co-educator, and a community engagement expert. To these partnerships, CSC brings expertise including: 1) their “Just STEM” approach - STEM done from a justice perspective with justice-focused outcomes; 2) doing local community work informed by and advancing the Global Goals SDG framework; and 3) linking community expertise with business expertise (e.g., project and program management, design, planning, evaluation, analysis, test, quality assurance, training, permitting and licensing, education, auditing, surveys, etc.).

West Atlanta Watershed Alliance – Darryl Haddock

WAWA’s combination of scientific, technical, and community expertise – and its strong grounding in justice work – all carried out in communities that are geographically close to GT, helps teach students how to apply their technical expertise to advance equity, justice, and the SDGs. WAWA’s leadership in community science helps GT develop and advance an action research program at GT with interested faculty. Additionally, WAWA’s grounding in anti-racist approaches to community environmental education make the organization a perfect partner for helping SLS develop – and articulate – anti-racist community engagement principles and pedagogy for SLS, other units at GT, and students. WAWA’s Outdoor Activity Center also provides a deep, physical connection to Atlanta’s westside community, and WAWA’s work there provides a physical embodiment – especially for students – of what anti-racist environmental justice work steeped in community looks like in the natural and built environment.

We welcome students, faculty, and staff to sign up to meet with Garry and Darryl or invite them to speak to your class, student group, or colleagues:

  • Darryl Haddock’s (WAWA) calendar sign-up is here
  • Garry’s Harris’ (CSC) calendar sign-up is here

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our new Partners-in-Residence! Thank you, Darryl and Garry, for enriching our learning, our institution, and our lives with your work and your dedication to building a sustainable and just Southeast and Atlanta region. We greatly appreciate your partnership!