SLS Annual Reports


AY 2016-17 was the Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain’s second year in operation. With our basic program in place, we were able to make great strides in strengthening oversight structure and approach; improving our course and program offerings; engaging faculty; spreading awareness; and strengthening and developing new partnerships. Through partnerships with faculty, colleges, and schools across campus, we offered over 100 SLS and SLS-affiliated courses, preparing over 5,000 students in all six colleges to use the knowledge and skills they learn in Tech classrooms to “create sustainable communities.” Through our co-curricular activities, including our popular year-long Environmental Justice Series, as well as other events and workshops offered by SLS and our partners, we additionally engaged over 500 students, as well as over 150 faculty, 60 staff, and 40 partners, in thinking in new ways about what it means to create sustainable communities – and trying out ideas in practice through real-world projects.


Other key accomplishments include: establishing a Strategic Advisory Council and articulating our Vision, Mission, and approach to sustainable communities education; supporting faculty in connecting their teaching and research to sustainable communities content and real-world projects and partnerships; leading the Equity Petal Work Group for the Georgia Tech Living Building; spearheading broad regional collaborations of diverse stakeholders around sustainable communities challenges, particularly as they relate to science and technology; and launching our assessment program, led by a new Academic Assessment Manager.


Even though we are still in our infancy, we are starting to see some significant outcomes in terms of student impact, related both to learning outcomes and career aspirations – and to make impact in communities, especially in the Atlanta region. Please access our full report to learn more about the accomplishments mentioned here – and a few more exciting ones that we wanted to make sure to share!