Parks and Recreation - Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad

September 10, 2018

The Leadership for Social Good Study Abroad Program offers students the opportunity to gain insight into global civil society, learn about the challenges of creating and leading effective and sustainable social enterprises, and make a positive impact by working closely with a non-profit organization in Budapest, Hungary. This program also fulfills the Learn and Engage components of SLS's new Innovating for Social Impact program.  

Below read Hannah Schafer's reflection from the program, which focuses on her experiences with "parks and recreation" while abroad.  Hannah serves as one of our 2018 SLS Global Student Ambassadors.  Interested in study abroad and serving as a Global Student Ambassador?  Visit the Study Abroad Fair on October 2nd for study abroad program information and join us on October 11th for Sustainability in Cross-Cultural Perspective to hear from our 2018 SLS Global Student Ambassadors about their study abroad experiences.

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