Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering

Spring 2022
Fall 2019
Spring 2019
Fall 2017
Andrew Medford
CHBE 2120

Many engineering problems require the use of advanced numerical methods for finding solutions to systems of linear, nonlinear, and differential equations, optimizing functions, and analyzing data. The general objectives of this course are to develop skills in properly defining and setting up chemical engineering problems and learning numerical methods that can be used to solve these problems. For this reason, this course provides a foundation of techniques that can be used to solve practical and complex engineering problems. The course project and assignments will focus on examples related to fertilizer production and the food-energy-water nexus. This will include an Aspen project to model the Haber-Bosch process and the economics module will explore the implications of high capital processes on equitable access to resources.

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CHBE Majors
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