Georgia Tech’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is proud to announce that Brent O’Guin, technology strategist and architect within Enterprise Applications & Data Integrations, has been appointed to the newly formed AI Advisory Council for the State of Georgia.

A New Era of AI in Georgia

The AI Advisory Council, part of the Georgia Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE), aims to recommend ethical and responsible uses of AI in government, develop guidelines for state employees on the use of AI, educate the public about the potential benefits and risks of AI when interacting with state services, and foster collaboration among government, industry, advocacy, and academia on AI-related issues.

As part of this prestigious appointment, O’Guin will serve as a liaison between experts throughout the state and AI trailblazers across Georgia Tech to regularly share updates, insights, and opportunities - ensuring that Institute strategies are informed by the latest developments. He will also seek to involve and collaborate with OIT leadership and other AI stakeholders to fulfill the council’s objectives, leveraging internal expertise to contribute meaningfully to the council’s work.

This appointment opens doors for collaboration with state agencies, other educational institutions, and private sector partners, enriching OIT’s network and creating opportunities for joint initiatives. It also provides a platform to ensure that the interests and expertise of Georgia Tech are represented in statewide discussions.