Necessary Tomorrows: Afrofuturism in Art, Architecture, and Design

Fall 2017
Mark Cottle
ARCH 4833 MC
ARCH 8833 MC

This hands-on seminar/workshop will curate, develop materials for, design, and install the upcoming exhibition, NECESSARY TOMORROWS : AFROFUTURISM IN ART, ARCHITECTURE, & DESIGN.  As an aesthetic, political, and epistemological movement, Afrofuturism has been steadily gaining currency and generating broader interest over the past few decades. The movement's ethos has become urgently relevant to our present times. Its sustained exploration and interrogation of technology and the body, power and beauty, social justice, and stewardship of the environment, it serves as a call, and response, for a more humane society and a better world. Initiated by a number of significant African-American artists and intellectuals, the movement begins with the experiences of African diasporic communities, in the United States and throughout the world -- as those experiences have been, as they could have been, and as they could or should be -- and first found fertile ground in speculative genres, such as magic realism, science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. One can find Afrofuturist work in just about every artistic medium : literature, spoken word, music, performance, dance, fashion, painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, photography, film, comics ... The connection to architecture and design, however, has so far been underarticulated and under-explored.

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