Dori Pap
MGT 4803
MGT 4611
Spring 2020
Spring 2018
Spring 2017

This course is for students who are passionate about social (and/or environmental) issues, and have identified an interest area where they want to make real change by developing an innovative solution.  The course will serve as a guide in the students' problem solving journey by exploring topics like: human-centered design, social impact assessment, customer discovery, sustainable communities, and more.  Students will connect with area experts who will serve as mentors and provide feedback throughout the semester.  Much of the course will be conducted "workshop style" with guest speakers presenting on topics that will help teams with their project's development.  There will also be plenty of opportunity for peer learning where students can share their feedback and advise with classmates.  The end goal is to have a project ready for entry in the Ideas to Serve Competition - Tech's social innovation event - to compete for up to $10K in start-up funds.  The course is also under consideration for the Leadership Minor and the Entrepreneurship Certificate.  This course is ideal for students who already have an idea for a solution to a social problem and need guidance and resources to move from idea to action.  If you do not have a specific idea already, you can team up with someone in the class who does.  Everyone with a passion for improving the human condition is welcome!  Have questions?  Email Dori Pap.

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Partner Engagement