WHAT: Spend one semester doing a deep dive into the problem-and-solutions space of a sustainable communities challenge that interests you (either the same challenge or a different one from what you explored in Engage). We recommend doing the Dive component after completing the Engage and Learn components.

HOW: There are four ways to complete this component:

  1. Do this research on your own or as part of a student organization. Work under the guidance of two mentors: a GT faculty or staff mentor and a community mentor (SLS can help you identify them or you can find them on your own).

  2. Register for MGT 4803 Social Impact: In-depth Exploration and Design - that prepares students to do an in-depth exploration of a social issue and is specifically designed to prepare students to enter the Ideas to Serve Competition (see “Final Program Deliverable”).

  3. Register to do Independent Research with a faculty member whose work relates to your interests (see the program’s list of Affiliated Faculty & Staff or identify someone on your own; SLS can also help you find someone).  If the faculty is not already collaborating with off-campus partners, SLS will also help you find a community mentor to advise you on the research  (or you can find one on your own).

  4. Continue working with a VIP that you worked on during the Learn phase for another (3rd) semester.

Note: Students who have already completed a semester-long research project that they feel meets this requirement should request an appointment with an SLS adviser.