Neha Kumar
INTA 4745
INTA 6745
CS 4745
CS 6745
Fall 2021
Summer 2021
Fall 2020
Fall 2019

This course focuses on information and communication technology (ICT) design, adoption, and use as seen through the lens of global development. We will begin with studying the history of technological advancement, the global development discourse (from the 1940s to the present era), poverty as experienced, before we engage with the design thinking process. We will then shift our gaze to particular domains of global development, discuss important questions and concerns in these areas of work in the present day, before asking what all this means for us as local and global citizens. Students will leave the course with a sensitivity to understanding the needs of underserved and under-represented individuals and communities in contexts different from their own, and an enhanced ability to do something with it. There are no prerequisites. Students with a keen interest in studying how technology (ICT in particular) has been designed to drive global development are invited to take the course.

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Partner Engagement