Honors Ecology

Spring 2019
Spring 2017
Marc Weissburg
BIOL 2337
BIOL 2338

Honors ecology is a team based, problem based course in general ecology. There are no lectures: students are expected to identify the relevant knowledge, learn and apply it to the given problem and are mentored by faculty through this process.  Student teams examine five ecological problems ranging from single species conservation/management to watershed health assessment. Several of these projects (changes in biological communities through time, watershed health) are focused on local communities. Others (fisheries management) examine the needs and conflicts of different stakeholders in 3rd world communities, but represent common conflicts. Students design and implement experimental (in the field and the laboratory) and analytical approaches to solve the particular problem, and present their results in oral and written products. Students are assessed specifically on problem solving, hypothesis testing, research, communication and team skills, as well as their ecological knowledge. 

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