Health and Design Studio

Fall 2019
Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Jon Sanford
ID 3031

Farmer’s markets, especially in urban neighborhoods, provide opportunities not only for healthy lifestyles through improved nutrition and exercise, but also for sustaining communities.  For seniors, who struggle with loss of community and increasingly isolation as their mobility declines, neighborhood farmers’ markets provide a unique opportunity to overcome barriers to nutrition, activity, inclusion and social connectedness.  Universal design is a key component for ensuring equal access to farmer’s markets.  From the location of the market, to the neighborhood infrastructure to support mobility, to the layout of the market, to the design of farmer’s stands and community-related activities, design impacts equitability and usability of every aspect of a farmer’s market.  The course focuses on farmer’s markets as a case study of design for sustainable and inclusive communities. Applying the Principles of Universal Design, students working in interdisciplinary teams will be encouraged to use physical and digital modalities to create inclusive experiences for seniors at 5 Atlanta farmer’s markets. Designs should not only engage all consumers, young and old but also meet the needs of the farmers and market managers by inspiring a range of appropriate social experiences and interactions.  

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Industrial Design Majors ONLY
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