Kent Linthicum
ENGL 1102
Summer 2021

The crisis of climate change demands that we understand the natural world and find new ways of communicating its value to each other. In many ways the lack of action on climate change is not a failure of science, but rather of science and environmental communication. This class looks to prepare Tech students by introducing them to environmental literature and communication, so that they can be better environmental communicators. The first half of the course covers environmental literature briefly, from the eighteenth century until today, looking at writers such as Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, and Camille Dungy. This section of the class will culminate in a paired nature essay and podcast. The second half of the course will focus on environmental communication through a team project where students will create their own multimodal artifact that communicates some part of the world. As a Serve- Learn-Sustain affiliated course, this class will identify relationships among ecological, social, and economic systems, with a specific focus on communities and environmental justice. The class will highlight all the forms of WOVEN (written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal) communication as we discuss the natural world. In order to develop and deploy rhetorical knowledge students will compose and design essays, reflections, podcasts, and other multimodal artifacts. Other graded elements will include project brainstorms, outlines, peer review, and shorter reflections. Ultimately, the course will provide students with opportunities to discuss, practice, and reflect on rhetoric alongside the tools to understand the natural world and communicate its value.

Course Type
Course Level
Partner Engagement
Core Curriculum Requirements