Ruthie Yow
GT 1801
Spring 2022

This course brings together students from six metro Atlanta institutions to provide them with a unique opportunity in cross-institutional community building, community partner engagement, and professional development, under the auspices of a global communities theme. The instructor team brings a wealth of expertise on the topic, and students will enjoy dynamic sessions led by Clarkston-based community partners and have the option of joining one or more of three Clarkston site visits throughout the term. Every student will have the opportunity to apply for an internship with the course's Clarkston-based partners, and five students will be awarded summer internships through their engagement with the course. Course Goals and Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify and describe the characteristics of Clarkston as a “global community,” including local history and demographics;  Students will be able to describe at least two different approaches to engagement with global communities; Students will be able to create a proposal that demonstrates knowledge of the mission and goals of at least one course partner, but ideally all three;  Students will acquire and/or strengthen polycultural communication skills and cultural humility as key competencies in the global age;  Students will be able to demonstrate skills needed to apply for an internship themed around global communities, communication, and equity. 

Course Type
Course Level
Partner Engagement