Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impacts

Spring 2018
Dongwook Lim
AE 4803

The course introduces global and local environmental issues from air transportation activities. With rapidly increasing air travel demand, environmental impacts are expected to grow despite the efforts to mitigate them. The course will address the key aspects of civil aviation research regarding airline operation, technology, policy, and aircraft design implications to the environment. The course will discuss airport noise, emissions, fuel consumption, and climate change due to aviation. The students will learn how to use the computer models that are used by International Civil Aviation Organization, the US FAA, EPA, NASA, and industry for their technology and policy impact assessments. The students will perform group projects to define their own problems, model scenarios, and analyze the results. You will explore innovative solutions to mitigate potential environmental issues from supersonic business jets, commercial rockets, drones, flying cars. Are you interested in improving the future air transportation? 

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